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What sales trainers don’t want you to know.

If you want to close more sales, and get more yesses, you’ll love this. It recently came up on a Personal Consulting Coaching call.

  • If you expect the sale to be hard, or fall through, it will show up in all you do.
  • If you assert the sale will be easier than the prospect thinks it will be, you will invite resistance from him.

(Notice how THINKING gets in the way?)

Here is the NO PRESSURE sales secret:

“THE SALE WILL BE IF THE SALE IS MEANT TO BE,” Notice this, and all pressure – on you and the prospect is off.   All you have to do now is fully participate and connect with your prospect.

If you have no expectations about “the sale” and fully engage the prospect, with presence – you will close more sales.

Want more sales?  Think Destiny. If the sale is meant to be the sale will happen – if you fully participate in the process and fully connect with the prospect.

Now let’s get down and dirty and dismantle the thinking loops you have that get in the way of living this.

“When THINKING gets in the way – of live – of living – of results – it is time to dismantle it.  Not improve it.   Think about that!”

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  1. Butchy says:

    Yo 20,

    You are spot on!

    My wife and I are teaching this to our teen. Printing it so he gets it from you. He thinks you are cool.

    B Man

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