Phone Coaching and Consulting

“If all we needed was a recipe – everyone would be a great chef.”

Due to my writing schedule, coaching is suspended for the time being. Please drop me an email at if you want on the list for when we begin again. Thanks!

Coaching works. It’s a natural part of the personal development and personal transformation path.

Here are the three steps that the most successful people do. See if this makes sense to you.

Very simply put, it is VITAL that you FIRST work on yourself. Start noticing your thinking, start noticing where you need to discipline yourself and do it.

Second, it is VITAL that you input good stuff – books and audios. Input news and gossip, and you end up with a huge inner mess. Input SOLID GOLD NUGGETS, and you will generate GREAT CHANGES in your mind and in your life.

FINALLY, It is even more vital that you work with a real life human being, a coach or trainer, who can help you notice what you’ve been missing, and help you move on, help you amp it up, help you get rock solid.

If you benefit from our articles and products, consider coaching.

Email to begin or get additional details. Thank you!