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Tim Ferriss Mind Hack By Mr. Twenty Twenty

Why is it that some people can read Tim Ferriss (The Four Hour Work Week) and change their lives with what he shares, and why is it that MOST people who read his book, never are able to apply the strategies that he uses and shares.

There are two secrets to REALLY GETTING what Tim shares in the book:

SECRET #1: The closer your way of thinking is to his (thinking defined as “how you generate thoughts) – the easier and more completely you will be able to integrate his ideas and thoughts into your life.

You need BOTH how he thinks and WHAT he thinks. HOW He thinks, generates WHAT he thinks. What’s cool, once you are aware of precisely HOW he thinks, YOU can develop THAT WAY OF THINKING.

In the Tim Ferriss mind hack videos, you’ll get an expert modeler’s view into the mind of the man who generated the Four Hour Work Week.

Secret #2. To “get Tim Ferriss” you have to let HOW HE PERCEIVES the world RUB off on you.

This is related to “how he thinks”. You’ll see the difference when you get to the video on Motivation and The Timothy Ferris Mind Hack Summary. Those will be in my next post. I’ll be writing more about that in the future, but for now, enjoy the Tim Ferris Mind Hack Videos.

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  1. This article inspired what has turned into an amazing project at Mind Hack Videos

    Head over to there to enjoy the COMPLETE Tim Ferriss mind hack and MEGATONS MORE!

    Have fun!

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    Get these recordings – My gift. They are what happens when you hack the mind of a rebel like Tim Ferriss.

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    Nice article, thank you. You might also be interested in looking at:

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    I love your blog. Nice job. 🙂
    “Fail Harder” – Mark Zuckerberg

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