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Plant Medicine by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Learning by Noticing.

Read this note below, and apply it to everywhere in your life you are seeking growth and transformation.

It’s a note about plant medicine, and the elders who taught me “plant medicine”, also believed that the same philosophy applied to all areas of life.


I learned this secret from 2 Native American Elders.

“The medicine you need grows close where you are.”

Literally, the plants you need, will grow where you live. Look around, learn what grows around your home,  if you let your yard get just a bit messy.  Gifts are being given to you, just let them grow, notice them, learn from them, use them.

Look around, you will discover plants growing there that will heal you current ailments. You may even notice plants growing there that indicate ailments you are developing and aren’t aware of yet.  What you need to do is learn about them.  Take the time to learn about them.

“What you need, grows around your hut.”

On another level…  Remember, this applies to EVERYTHING, not just plants. People, circumstances, opportunity.

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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