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Need even more ENERGY? Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

You need energy to get the results you want.  Sales, women, business, goal getting, fitness, feeling good, think about it!


You read about how SPECIFICITY Unleashes Energy a few days ago here on

Use those principles, from THAT post, and you’re life will begin to dramatically transform.  Old friends won’t know you in a year, new friends could never imagine you being who you once were.  Onward!

But what about the other side of your energy crises?

Look, no matter what so many delusional folks in NLP say, I’ll be blunt.  Not everything gets solved with good old fashioned NLP.  Try this on for a few moments…

There are foods winners eat, there are foods losers eat.

Winners tend to eat food that gives them ENERGY for the long term.

Losers tend to eat junk food, and get short term fixes. Think doughnuts, or anything you can get at a quickie mart.

That’s physical body food.

“What about your MIND food?”

Losers tend to want short term fixes. “Hyptonize me!  Use the new XYZ technique to FIX ME!”

Winners want RESULTS, and they are willing to LEARN, GROW, and CHANGE how they perceive the world, so they KEEP WINNING.

“Think about it… short term, do a technique.  Do a technique to fix you, or to get the girl.  In both scenarios you will lose long term.  Both scenarios take your power away from you.”

On the other hand…

“Do some trainings or phone sessions, with me or someone like me, who helps you get the vital experience you need, that you can’t yet on your own, someone who helps you giggle at your inner bull poop, and who helps you discover inner power that you didn’t know you had. You grow through exposure, and through exposing the goofy crap that holds you back.”

No techniques or twinkies required.

Either you get more powerful by growing and becoming, or you lose power by putting your faith and power into techniques that will cost you dearly in the long run.  Think doughnuts!

Enjoy the day!

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty  – Email me about details on the PS’s below!

PS:  A very special 4 week, phone  training program is going to be released in the next 10 days.  I’m offering it at HALF PRICE for the first 10 people who register.  It’s a pilot program, that will rival our Depth Program in a few months!

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