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Need energy? Here are the details! Mr. Twenty Twenty!

Hey mate,

Let’s pretend for just a moment that you want more ENERGY!

A LOT more energy!

Now here is a thought, many people I know who want more energy, tell me that they think they suffer from undiagnosed depression.

Let’s pretend that, this could be you, for just a few moments.

Imagine we are on the phone, doing a private training session.  And you hear me ask, “Are your SURE you suffer from Depression?”

Remember, I am NOT a medical doctor (thank God), or a Shrink of any kind…

However, I have this amazing power, and this wonderful skill, that seems to change lives.

Because the next question, you are about to read, hear, here, (just having fun….)

This will unlock the mysteries of your ENERGY UNIVERSE.

“If you didn’t have this lack of energy, or this depression thing, what would you do?  What do you want?  How would you choose to impact the world?”

Want to know the most common answers I get?

“I dunno.”  “

I’m not sure.”  “

I never really thought about what I want.”

“i guess I would like to maybe…”

“If I could, I just might want to do something about that thing someone….”

Yo Buckwheat (said with love…)  Wake Up!

(Notice the patterns!)

Here is a huge key to ENERGY, that you might want to actually DO something with TODAY!

IF you decisively define YOUR IMPACT, along with WHAT you want, and HOW you will BENEFIT the WORLD, or at least YOUR WORLD…


You take some REAL honest to goodness action TOWARD that, and TOWARD building the alliances you will need….

FOR SOME MYSTERIOUS REASON…..  Your energy increases, often EXPONENTIALLY!

Here’s my sales letter part…  It’s how I promise to help you, if you decide to work with me today.

Most people can NOT do this on their own, they can’t develop an energizing – actionable level of detail, at the level they need to do it at.

It’s because, we become comfortable thinking to a specific degree, or level of detail, THEN most people simply trance out.  Have you noticed this?  The far away look in their eyes, the feeling of fuzzyness…

Remember, I am a trance expert!  ( – The Good Old Days!)

One of the huge benefits from doing our phone trainings, is that I’ll teach you how to kick your arse OUT of your habitual trances.   The momentary, invisible, trances that steal from  you, because they rob you of the specificity you need to take action, and they stop you from getting to the fun part, the action part.

“Have you ever noticed how many people literally just sit there, and STARE, when you ask them to take a simple action?   Most people just sit there and stare when they ASK THEMSELVES to take action.  It’s called NON PRODUCTIVE Trance!”

Time to wake up, time to get to the details you need, time to wake up from those trances you weren’t aware of.

Time to energize your life, by developing the awareness and skills to develop an energized level of DETAILS!

Are you going to take action with these golden nuggets? Exactly HOW?

(Notice ANY temptation to slip into a fuzzy trance?  You might want to read this in it’s entirety AGAIN!)

If not today, when?

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS:  I am starting a very powerful phone training program within the next 14 days, just 6 people can participate.  (Being able to give you both TIME AND ATTENTION are very important to me.)  Email me at if you want to participate, or want me to send you the details.  You won’t read about it anywhere else, and it just might be EXACTLY what you have been looking for.

PPS:  People ask me all the time, how do you do so much?  How do you juggle so many projects?   How do you stay so inspired.  My request to you, READ THIS again!  Details, details, details!  I’ve had mentors help me get to DETAILS!

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