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Explode the Rapport Myth by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Rapport. Keep it simple.  Forget all the complicated and silly techniques. Real people don’t need them, neither do you.  (You are reading this right, so  you must be real.  Wake Up Buckwheat and remember that!)

For you NLP fans, Rapport does NOT exist.

It’s just a word, so get over it. Consider this alternative.

Flexibility. Become flexible with your attention.

“I have noticed, since holding trainings for over a decade, that people who have problems getting rapport, really have quite a different problem, they are not flexible with their attention.”

Try this alternate approach on.  Do this little drill.

“I love you.” It’s a simple statement, that men everyday say to their wives.

Want it to have more power? Want it to actually CONNECT you two more?
(BTW, you can do this with any statement, this one is quite simple and practical.)

Do this….

Put your attention on yourself when you say “I”.

Move your attention to “love” when you say “love”.

Place your attention on them, when you say, “you”.

“When I share this tiny little exercise on a LightSpeed Private Training Call, or explore it deeply during a weekend training like, Eyes Wide Open, most people find it extremely odd at first, then within minutes extremely powerful.”

My guess is because we have such a habitual unconscious way of letting our attention wonder, or get stuck, that deliberately moving it around releases all kinds of power and potential.

I did this as an month long exercise when I was in sales. I totally stopped doing “rapport building techniques” and focused on doing just this, moving my attention deliberately…

You can imagine the results.

Have a great weekend, let me know what you are up to!

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