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Exactly how to give your embedded commands nuclear power! by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

If you take just 3 minutes to read this quick article, you’ll discover a much more powerful and amazing way to get immediate results with Embedded Commands.

First, let’s set the stage by addressing the most common question about embedded commands.

“How do I make my embedded commands work, without sounding odd or weird?”

You’ll find out in just 2 moments!

Just follow these 5 simple steps!

1.  Use Embedded Commands to Get focused. Forget about influence for now.   Take a few moments to write down, on paper, EXACTLY what you want your listener to do.  “Buy now, my product.”  “Relax.”  “Feel comfortable.”  Pretend you are a beginner, take the time to do this NOW, so your mind will be focused when you use them.

2.  Develop direct commands, first! This is another way of looking at what you just did.  Every one of my commands above, could be a direct command (said by itself) or an embedded command, that is hidden in a sentence.  “BUY NOW, MY PRODUCT has demonstrated it’s worth, in that it helps you, RELAX, and FEEL COMFORTABLE.

3.  Once you have done steps 1 and 2, notice the change in your body. Notice the changes in your clarity.  This is the nuclear key.  If you develop powerful and precise SIMPLE commands, and LET THEM show up in your language, you will carry yourself with power, you will feel precise, and you and your listener will experience clarity.

4.  Forget marking your embedded commands out. (If you need help understanding this mistake, email me.  If you don’t know what this means, you are actually better off.)  Don’t mark them out.  That’s what the NLP Guru said OFF RECORD.  Once you have DEVELOPING THEM, and you are EXPERIENCING CLARITY, then they will simply carry more power.  He explained it this way…

5.  Your embedded commands are EFFECTIVELY marked out in the fact YOU have shifted, and that you are more powerful and precise in your speech and in your body.

So, why is NOBODY in the Mainstream NLP circuit is training like this?

Because, if you want to become a SLAVE to NLP, then keep thinking it’s the TECHNIQUES AND PRINCIPLES OF NLP that are where the power is.

On the other hand, if you want to be UNLEASHED…  If you are ready to live with high energy, focus, drive, and fun, then use what NLP has to offer, to discover the power within you.

Using Embedded Commands THE WAY I TEACH THEM is totally non manipulative.  They work, not by you making the listener DO something, they work because you are DEVELOPING YOUR POWER, by EXPLORING NEW LEVELS OF PRECISION.

“It is easy for people to act, if it is in their best interest, IF you are clear and precise in your communication!”

On the other hand….

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to follow a leader who is not precise.  Except, maybe trying to buy something from someone who can’t communicate what he is selling, or what he want’s you to do next.

Ready for more?

There is a reason why my trainings are kept small, with just a handful of people at a time, and are always held in real world conditions.  Never in a classroom.  Because in small trainings, we can focus in helping you experience new levels of clarity, precision, and power.  In big trainings you can mostly just learn technique.  Personally, to me, helping YOU bring home your power, by experiencing more precision and clarity is what’s important, and it’s also what will change your world forever.

Next Step?  Do some training, or coaching withe me.  Email:

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Scout Camp is our favorite event of the year! Just a handful of motivated and decisive people like you, get to spend Friday evening through Monday morning with me.  The cabins rock, the food is delicious, and the transformations are amazing, fast, and forever.  You’ll discover more about you, than you could have imagined possible.  It’s not a “tough training”, it’s an inner and outer adventure in possibility.

Are you REALLY Ready to become unleashed?

Your ACTIONS will let you know!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS:  Email me if you are ready for Scout Camp.  Feel free to Digg and Stumble this article, I really would appreciate that.  And if you are inspired in any way, from these free articles, then think about how much our products and services could transform your life.  Nuff said.  Enjoy the day!


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    If you don’t maker out he embedded commands how does the persons subconscious pick upon the feeling or actions you are trying to instill?

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