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Success Snipers – How to Identify and Eliminate them.

The Sniper will take you out, rob you of your dreams, and make sure you live a life of average.

So identify and eliminate the snipers. Do it now.

The first sniper is worry. So…

First of all, what you want to do is you want to stop worrying. You if you find yourself worrying, STOP. Done.

Make this your #1 life changing habit. Start now.

Once worry stops, you can begin to focus on causing sales. When you cause sales, you can afford to have people take care of what you would normally worry about.

Think about it. THINK.

Stop worry. Cause sales. Hire accountants and attorneys, and other people to do what you would have worried about. Give the neighbor kid $20 to cut the grass. DONE.

So, with worry, engage the massive power of STOP. Then make your entire life about causing sales.

The Second Sniper.

The second sniper of success is anybody who takes your time or attention away from causing sales. We call these folks the DISTRACTORS. Remember this POWERPOINT, YOU need to cause sales. If you’re in business, if you are in sales, if you are a parent, it is your DUTY to your country, to your business, to your family, to your economy to CAUSE SALES.

Keep in mind that THE SNIPER could be SOMEONE that you love. The Sniper could be a neighbor.

Now here is the key, Don’t leave them behind, love them, respect them, and help them by leading them in the world of success.

Lead by example. Take control of conversations. Do what it takes, give them YOUR vision and help them and you to be more successful.

Enjoy and kick ass,

Mr Twenty Twenty – The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru .

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