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Are you done being poor?

2020siteGrandpa said, “If you want to be a success, what you need to do is you have to be willing to become a salesman, instead of a tour guide.”

Too many “salesmen” are nothing more than tour guides. If you’re a tour guide, all you’re doing is giving people information. You’re just giving them perhaps personalized information, but you’re giving them information nonetheless.

If they want information they can find that on the internet. So unless you want to get replaced by a Toshiba Laptop,learn how to sell!

What you need to be willing to do is to go for the sale. Help them understand you can help them, help your clients get that your service can help them. But you have to be willing to say: Look, this is it. This is what you’ve got to do. It’s time for a decision.

Ask them to make a decision, help them make a good decision, and be ethical.   Okay, do it.

Live your Vision! Get focused! Take Massive Action!


Mr. Twenty Twenty
You will be glad you did.

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