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Why is Rapport Still Holding you Back?

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Before you read this article, it has a twist you might not get, until you read it a few times.

Remember, you’ve been warned!

So why is Rapport Still Holding you Back?

Because, you have made A BIG DEAL out of something that doesn’t matter one bit.

You made such a big deal out of NOTHING, that you are missing the obvious.

Let me give you a few real life examples of how this fits in with rapport.

“You just made a big deal because she is talking to one of her friends, and then they giggled, while looking over to you.” You’ve added in “meaning”. I was coaching with Jason (not his real name, shared with permission) two weeks ago. Jason was telling me this very story.

Jason added in the meaning of “the giggle”was that they were laughing at HIM. (I’ve experenced something radically fun after that giggle, Jason didn’t because he added in meaning instead of discovering what it meant.

debbieRead that again. And , instead of letting his attention go to HER, which would have him discover what that giggle COULD mean, he let his attention go to the fantasies ABOUT HER. Negative fantasies that showed up in his body and behavior. Those fantasies caused him to lose rapport with her. End of the date.

Another example… I watched a guy out on an obvious first date last week when Carol and I were out for steaks last Friday night.. The girl was interested in him. He was interested more in his fantasies about her. Naughty fantasies.

Btw, I’m a guy TOO. Those things do pop up in men, right? (Fantasies… where was your mind buckwheat….) The problem is… when you put your attention more on the fantasy than you do the girl, you lose the girl.

So…. here is the obvious / covert lesson of the day. Notice where you put your attention.

So ready for the twist?

Too many NLP experts and their eager to learn students put way too much attention on RAPPORT TECHNIQUES… Put your attention on HER. Put your attention on who you are getting rapport with.

Forget techniques for just a tiny bit here…. explore attention. Explore her!

BTW, most people don’t have a clue what attention really is, what it is really capable of, how to work with it. Their attention just seems to have a mind of it’s own….


With that in mind, keep reading.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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