The Power of Vision – Don’t make the BIG MISTAKE!

The Power of Vision.

It’s not about having a powerful vision.

It’s about the intrinsic power of vision.

You don’t need a POWERFUL VISION.

(A side thought with what’s coming up in this article.   Most people RELY on their AUDITORY instead of TRUSTING their Vision.)


Every month we have folks come in for private training.

And we do some kool things.

1.  Help you get your skills working much better.
2.  Get you making some very good distinctions with the duality sheet.  It’s a powerful tool.
3.  Help you shift OUT of your very very stuck patterns.
4.  Help you SEE more.

Helping you SEE MORE is the most POWERFUL SHIFT.  (And the others are needed to SUPPORT THAT.

It’s because of the Intrinsic Power of Vision.

Here is why.

Where your skills break down your vision sucks.  Either you aren’t clear about what you want with your skills, you aren’t clear about what makes a particular skill work, or you have some internal visual crap THAT YOU AREN’T NOTICING holding you back.  (Once that’s been pointed out AS IT’S HAPPENING your whole world will be gin shifting.


Making Kick Ass distinctions using the duality sheet will give you kick ass shifts.  Because with the Duality Sheet you’ll begin learning EXACTLY with useful precision HOW someone else thinks, views the world, gets motivated using the THREE FACTORS etc.


I can invite you WITH KINESTHETIC out of your stuck patterns.  No verbal here.  Verbal will get you stuck more.  No technique here.   Just me noticing where you and I WANT to get stuck together, and over the course of a day or two allowing ME not to get stuck there.    Carol loves watching this invisible play.     I learned this from the scouts.    It’s also another reason why we hit the malls etc.  You can’t be focused on THIS happening, or it can’t.  Just like “Magic” your attention has to be elsewhere directed.     The opening is up to me.


Finally, helping you SEE MORE.

It could be generally seeing your inner pictures / movies more.

It could be seeing you in them more.

It could be seeing what’s going on out here more.

It could be seeing “the tracks” of what was left behind more.

It could be seeing that you are loved more.

This could go on forever.



If you are even faintly considering doing a private training within the next 3 months, let us know now.   Pick a month NOW!  Talk to me to see if you can make it in.

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