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The Obvious Pattern

The Obvious Pattern

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

I apply the obvious pattern constantly. In just a moment, you’ll obviously see why – it gets results.

First you create rapport. It’s a basic Neuro Linguistic Programming technique. Most people mimic the posture and speech of their client, that can work, but if you are on my email list, or have a few of our products, you know that this goes a LOT deeper, right Dave?

Next, once you have rapport, a whole 3 seconds later IF you are slow, introduce Language Patterns. I use both the Meta and the Milton models “apache scout style” see our “products page” below, to get people moving where I want them to go FAST.

Most people over complicate the entire process and sound like a maniac. When in fact, once you’ve studied both models sufficiently, with a skilled teacher or coach, you’ll notice people all day long use these methods of persuasion unconsciously.

Finally I introduce into the mix, “Covert Hypnosis,” where I use both RAPPORT and Language patterns to engage a state of temporary, light trance or hypnosis.

The obvious pattern works because it’s a simple pattern to apply to all your persuasion and NLP play with people. Add in embedded commands, some basic anchoring, and you can’t help but have a blast, and get the results you’ve been looking for.

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