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Bitch session or mastermind?

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Mr Twenty Twenty

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December 14, 2007

Imagine this. You are sitting at a round table, like Carol and I did last night, with 7 of the most incredible people on the planet. You are ready for something amazing to happen. You know it’s time. You can feel the possibilities in your bones!

However, you have a single choice to make, one that is very very powerful. One that will change the course of your destiny, and transform your life forever.

Today, you get to decide: Will you have a bitch session, or will you have a mastermind?

Sadly, most people never experience the power of a mastermind group, because they allow the sludge of a bitch session into their lives. They don’t know any better, they have never been trained or taught how to experience the power of a mastermind.

Today I invite you to either a one on one or group mastermind.

Build your own mastermind or join in one with me.

“Keep in mind, masterminding is not “positive thinking”. Masterminding involves 2 or more people committed, focused with integrity, structure and process in mind to engage and open the door to discovery and possibility.”

According to Napoleon Hill, in a mastermind there is a definite chief aim, a specific focus, and the spirit of harmony – working toward that focus! Compare that to your bitch session.

Compare that with what most people ever experience. Problem thinking (like therapy) seems so stuck in problem based decision making. How do I solve the problem? How do I prevent the problem? What do I do about the problem? (Just like addiction. Even if you are clean, the world is still revolving around the drug of choice, and you having not taken it in so many days, minutes, seconds. Here is a hint Buckwheat, that is no life. I know a better way. )

Masterminding, which trains you in the art of focused possibility, uses questions, answers, dialogue, so you start noticing what else is possible. It’s got an entirely different feel, an entirely different energy, an entirely different result.

Masterminding is so different compared to “bitch sessions, it’s as different as dating a supermodel, compared to having to go to the prom with your West Virginia cousin.

So tonight, or this weekend, if you find yourself either in a bitch session, or a nice convoluted theoretical discussion of hypothetical possibility (another great way to avoid real possibility and yet feel important) think of me.

Consider masterminding. Take action.

Start changing your entire world.

Whoo yah!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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