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Speed of Light – The NLP Light Speed Solution

Neuro Linguistic Programming at the speed of lightReal quick,

You want something to happen right? Something to change? Something to improve?

Now let me ask you, do you want it at the speed of light, or the speed of sound?

Sound is great for telling about, but it’s slow, cumbersome, and is very incomplete.

Think picture. You can describe a picture to someone, but it’s no where near actually seeing it.

Think life. Talking about life is no where near as exciting or as complete as actually living life. I have a ex-cousin who is just a talker, has tons of opinions, and has read lots of books. He drives everyone nuts.

Because he lives at the speed of sound.

Engage – The Light Speed Solution!

Here is the scoop. You can attempt to solve your problems, pick up chicks, close sales, heal, relax, feel good at either the speed of sound or the speed of light.

Now add this in. Ask yourself….

Why do we have such kool words and phrases like, “Lighten Up.” “Enlightening.” “She glows.” “He is brilliant.” “The healing white light of…” and so on. These show up when something that BRIGHTENS your life shows up.

Contrast that with…. Most people who are stuck… they talk to much.

I’m wondering, what will you do today, see a possibility and seize the day, or talk about life or whine just a bit.  Your call!

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

Formerly Known as Mr Twenty Twenty

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