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How they trained in school to be a loser, and what you can do about it today..

Hey mate,

I am sorry to have to tell you this, but they trained you in in grade school to be a loser.   And if you want MORE in life, you’ve got to take responsibility and literally reprogram your own mind.

HOW trained you to be slow as sound, instead of fast as light.

In school they TAUGHT you to be AUDITORY – SOUND BASED during your most formative years.   They rewarded you if you SAID the right answer, to the THE QUESTION the teacher asked.  All you had to do was that, then shut up, stay in your chair, and not make waves.


Many kids were actually punished if they THOUGHT OUTSIDE the box.  If they SAW OPPORTUNITY AND SOLUTIONS that the textbook didn’t have!

So…. you have to retrain your brain.   Get beyond waiting for a question and saying an answer, that’s worker bee thinking.   Train yourself to THINK like leaders / visionaries do.

This is why we are one of the FEW trainers who actively do and teach MODELING in every training and in every coaching call.

What can you do today to get free – to retrain your mind, to get out of the mind trap they built into you in school?

1.  Read.  Read anything good written by visionaries. They think differently, they notice the world differently than most people.  Get familar with their world.  (Note:  Most adults HATE READING.  Do you think they DID THAT to you too?)

2.  Watch.  Watch people.   Notice what you notice, attempt to notice even more. I was trained by old Apache Scouts and NLP experts, I see more in a glance than most people do all day.   Go watch couples.   Get fast enough to see what she is trying to communicate to him, and what he misses every single time.  No wonder why women are so angry at men.  (Have you missed that, or noticed it?)  This is why Homer and Hank are BIG BUCKS.

3.   Stop answering questions – with answers.  START seeing real world PROBLEMS and making connections – that form solutions. (This is how wealth is generated, and society advances.)

4.  Do some training.   Learn something, anything, from a passionate, capable  expert.   Learn how they see the world MORE VISUALLY  than the stuck up professor, from the amateur, from the fan.

And email me.  Reach out and touch someone.  Why not?

“About 3 percent of the population will retire comfortably.   Statistically, about 3 percent of the people who read this will email me with a question, comment, or just to say hello.  Coincidence?”

It’s enough to make you think.    Unless you are too dumbed down by the school system.  Wake up!  It’s time to Rock and Roll!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. we need to teach our children to think critically, to think outside the square, to have the courage to stand up and stand out and not just meld with the conforming crowd. These children are our future, our future leaders, our hope, our destiny. We cannot allow a mundane system of education to squash them into boxes they don’t belong in. To mind numbing conformity, where the spirit dies, the soul shrivels and the individual becomes invisible. As parents and educators a new way is needed. We each are responsible for finding and implementing that way.
    Dolores Cummins

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