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Ray Charles and The Secret!


Once you decide it is time for change in your life, there are three steps you need to do.

Make sure you completely do all three steps. Because if you only do the first two, it’s like letting Ray Charles drive your bus. Big mistake.

First you change what you think about. Instead of thinking about your old 1972 ford pinto all day, and how you are going to make the payments, you start holding in mind what it’s like to be driving that new BMW Z4 you love. Zooom. This is the first step, it won’t get you very far, but it will get you started on your journey!

Next you change HOW you think, go from negative to positive. From what you whine about to what you can talk good about. Shifting from negative to positive again is just the second step, it won’t get you around the world, but it will make huge changes in your physiology, and you just might notice a tiny bit more fun and happiness in your life.

“With these first two steps taken care of, your life will improve, however you won’t still have the life of your dreams because, Ray Charles is still driving your bus!”

The Missing NLP Key – The Solid Gold key that will change your life today is to bring the power of Vision to your life. Stop relying on “talk” in any form and train your mind to use the power of vision!

Kick Ray’s sorry butt out of the driver’s seat to activate the power of vision.

Think about it, Ray can’t see. He can’t see where he is driving the bus to, he can’t see if there are any pedestrians about to step out in front of him, he can’t see who is on the bus.

“Ray can’t see so he can’t drive the bus effectively. If you don’t have Clarity and Focus – 2 of the Visionary Qualities – that we will explore this week, it’s like having Ray Charles driving the bus. Your life will move forward slowly and you will have way to many voices in your head and life.”

So imagine Ray Charles has 5 or 6 voices all yelling at him, telling him what to do, as the bus called your life slowly eeks forward. “Ray look out!” “Ray make sure you don’t forget to make that left hand turn so you…” “Ray you can’t drive a bus, you had a crappy childhood.” “Ray old misses whatshername wants you to remember to…”

“In NLP speak we say Ray has a lot of Internal Auditory. Sounds (voices) in his head, all trying to help him. Think about this, 6 people telling you about a movie you would enjoy can’t give you one percent of the real experience of watching the movie. In movies and in life, Visual rules. (It’s also why we don’t pay to go listen to a movie.) “

“The voices Ray hears all have good intentions, however no matter how hard they try, Ray still can’t see, he can’t be a very good bus driver.”

Until you start completely activating your power of Inner Vision you are being held hostage by the voices in your head.

Why not take action and to a private coaching session this week? It just might change your life forever?  Or you could do the same old same old.

It’s your POWER OF CHOICE.  Use it.

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

Change your life today!

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