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Precision in NLP – You’ve got me Understanding!

Precision in NLP – You’ve got me Understanding!

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

My chiropractor is PRO LIFE!

Do you agree with him or not? Now for many folks, PRO LIFE has something to do with abortion. Trust me, in this instance it doesn’t.

I was eating chinese food out yesterday, and this young mother was doing the typical. “STOP! I’m going to beat you!” Too bad neither of these kind folks understands about Neuro Linguistic Programming, covert and not so covert persuasion, and the Ambiguity Methods, because the Chiropractor could make a lot more money, and the Mom could get much greater results.

Dr. Chiropractor is sending the message that he has a stance on abortion, which has nothing to do with his being pro life. Pro life in his instance means that he is a Straight Chiropractor, and is not concerned with pain, disease, or muscle spasms. He is concerned with the flow of energy, life, in the body. So all he does is focus on doing chiropractic adjustments to remove subluxations from the body. That’s all. He’s not anti disease, he’s pro life. He’s not anti pain, he’s pro life. But since he doesn’t understand ambiguities, he upsets a significant portion of his potential market.

And the Mom, she’s telling her kiddo, Stop because I’m going to beat you. Or something like that. Kid’s don’t process “pauses” well in sentences. Neither do many adults. Stop – thinking about that. Grin.

That’s why we focus so much on ambiguities here, like Richard Bandler. There’s another one. Now I’ve had MASTER TRAINERS in neuro-linguistic programming tell me that they don’t play with ambiguities AT ALL. And if I can get them to, for some reason, their effectiveness, and their cash flow, substantially increases. Reading the above article… could you guess why?

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