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NLP and Chunking Simplified

NLP and Chunking Simplified

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

If you are able to shift chunk size, not only to solutions become immediately obvious, problems can vanish. instantly. This is how we play with chunking during our private trainings here in Pennsylvania.

1. So let’s start with NLP, Neurolinguistic Programming.

If we let Neuro Lingustic Programming, created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder be our middle chunk, or where be being we can move up and down in chunk size by asking questions.

2. What is NLP? That could be a chunking up question.

If the answer we get is something like, NLP is a science of persuasion and personal change work, then we have chunked up. It’s like asking what is a BMW and getting the answer, “A BMW is a car.”

How can you enhance what question go guarantee that chunking up occurs?

3. What does Neuro Linguistic Programming Consist of?

Now we are chunking down. NLP consists of skill sets that include anchoring, modeling, and using language to…

A BMW is composed of tires, and engine, dashboard, etc. Notice now we have smaller parts to play with.

4. Use the “what other” questions to chunk laterally.

If a BMW is a car, chunking up, and has wheels, a body, etc, chunking down… Chunking across is like asking, what other cars exist? Chunking laterally is easily accomplished if we chunk up, and ask, what other…

We can chunk up again, and use the following question. “What are cars?” To me cars are a form of transportation. So we can ask, what other kinds of transportation are there, as an example of chunking laterally for the “cars” level.

5. If NLP started as a therapeutic intervention…

One day someone woke up and asked a lateral chunk question. “What else could this be used for?” Lateral movement happened, and we now have Neuro Lingustic Stuff being used for picking up chicks, making lots and lots of money, enlightenment and waking up, and unique combinations of the above.

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