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Modeling (Tim Ferris) and Neville Goddard – Part 2

Babe Ruth
Babe Ruth – Flckr

Why is it that some people can easily follow the advice and step by step daily actions of a mentor – and quickly duplicate their results?

Why is it that other people just can’t seem to make those same exact steps work in their lives, no matter how easy the steps are or how hard they as individuals work at it?

“The key getting improved results with less effort is in effectively using NLP to model their world.”

Notice I didn’t say to duplicate their inner process, or to steal their strategy, or to get their programing and use it to update or improve yours.

“The key is to effectively use NLP (and observation) to model their WORLD.”

If you learn how to model their world, you get their entire world. You get golden nuggets that you would easily miss if you just attempted to model their inner process, strategy or programming.

More home runs.  Less foul balls.

If your “map of the world” works well with your day to day activity, you will get results with little stress or strain. That’s obvious, right?

If YOUR map of the world is SIMILAR to the one that your MENTOR has, then you will easily be able to bring “all their stuff” into your world, and succeed using their methods.

If your map of the world is DIFFERENT than theirs, and you try to use their step by step, their strategies, their programming – then you can’t help but struggle, stress out, and probably claim “it’s all bullshit”.

Here is the key. Learn how to totally step into their world. To do this, you have to do 3 things:

1. Be willing to abandon “your world”. It’s not really your world you are abandoning, it is how you are perceiving your world that you are abandoning – temporarily.

2.  Be willing to get beyond “right and wrong” ways of perceiving the world. Each of us to some degree adopts what we consider the right way to percieve the world.   We not only get stuck attempting to see the world through a tiny key hole, we end up defending our tiny little key hole as “the way” – missing out on the big picture – we could actually open THE DOOR.

3.  Get strong enough to function when you are lost. When you really model or try on someone else’s world, you can’t help but feel lost – because the only way to try on their world is to abandon all the landmarks and street signs in your world.

One of my Indinan mentors used to say, “You will find out what you truly are, and what the world truly is – when you are lost.”

He was talking about “shapeshifting” – which is what we call Subjective Modeling.

Subjective Modeling is being able to take the shape of another – so that you see the world through their eyes – feel it through their heart – touch it with their hands.

Subjective Modeling is being able to let go of the tiny little key hole we have been peeking through – so that we can insert “a key” that will open the door to a whole new world.

Subjective Modeling is the art and science of modeling – that invites you to discover what you really are – and what you really are capable of.

It’s nice to have you here for the ride!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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Part 1 – Modeling Neville Goddard

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  1. Neville Student says:

    Now modeling is beginning to make sense to me. Thank you!

  2. Robert Johns says:

    Lookng forward to more. Will you be sharing more of the how to’s as well? I am enjoying your articles and finding them fascinating. A peek under the hood.

  3. Dian says:

    How do we do number 3?

    I get that it is important but how do we do that?

    And good point on modeling their WORLD.


  4. Arne Hansen says:

    You are a real PRO in explaining these difficult matters, in a simple and understandable way!
    Sometimes it feels like one has to shift personality to obtain the goal. And if we don`t, Life will see to it, so we get lost, and a little bit of the Truth can slip in, and change our point of view a little bit. But it`s always nice to try, it gives our life a sense of meaning, and I LOVE IT, how hard it sometimes seems to be!

  5. Steve Bauer says:

    Hey 20/20!

    Quick question here…

    When you talk about “model their world”, are you referring to modeling their model of the world?



  6. Sabre says:

    I have to agree with some of the other comments here, you DO have a way of making NLP a lot easier to understand.
    Looking forward to more articles.

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