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Milton Erickson – The best FAKE psychic ever!

Was Milton Erickson the best FAKE psychic ever?


Milton was a funny chap, saying to people things that could mean whatever they tended to make of them. And he was probably the best paid fake psychic ever too.

Let’s check out – the Milton Model, where we explore being artfully vague. Milton was brilliant, and his works shined above those of many others, because of his ability to let his clients fill in the blanks.

HINT: They ALWAYS KNOW how to fix themselves.   Unconsciously. So you don’t COMMAND them to change, or tell them HOW to change.  That’s how perpetual beginners work.  Experts invite them to FILL IN the blanks. Think Milton. Think ETHICAL fake psychic.

When Uncle Milton would tell you about a man in your life, or that there is someone in your life that is masculine, you fill in the blanks.

Milton wouldn’t talk directly about a husband, father or son, or the issues at hand. Milton could say, “There is a man in your life, or a masculine energy that we can notice. And this is something to notice or learn from either consciously or unconsciously.”

Who couldn’t help but agree with this, especially if you are already in a healing / hypnotic state?

Milton and the Fake Psychics gave us a great way to build yes sets, and get the client moving toward a goal or get the target realized.

Notice that EVEN THAT sentence, like this one could mean a couple of things. Several people reading could easily interpret this in many different way.

Add in pauses and tonality, which is almost impossible to do in writing (that’s why we record courses and trainings…

And pauses tend to lend themselves to being artfully vague.

Notice what those in politics (many tics – blood sucking little creatures that scare people) notice what politicians say. They like the fake psychics (do they like the fake psychic – or are they like the fake psychics) can allow you to come to your own conclusion, while sounding like an authority.

So read, enjoy, and play with these – people.

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    This is very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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    I am often looking online for articles which could assist me. Looking forward to one more fantastic blog. Very good luck to the author! all of the most effective!

  3. I just love Erickson, the Picasso of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. When I read his specifically non-specific, “In a moment you will feel a certain feeling.” I actually laughed out loud. Humorous, witty, creative, whimsical to the point of fey, but always so intelligent and artful. In my own manual on empowering verbal inductions and suggestion processes, “Mind-bending For Mind-mending,” I draw on his work heavily.

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