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Making changes that stick. Fear elimination 101.

If you focus on making the wrong change – like replacing fear with confidence – it’s not gonna stick – and it’s most likely to backfire on you.  Here is a better way.

The little boy in the park was curious about what I was doing. Looking in his eyes, you could see how the man doing slow motion kung fu moves was truly a source of fascination to him.  He walked over, smiled, and asked, “What ya doing Mr Man?” We wasn’t afraid, he wasn’t confident, he was too busy being – simply CURIOUS.

Compare the little boy to a typical day in “the office”.

The man emailed me because wanted more confidence.   He wanted more confidence, because fear was running his life, and he thought increasing his confidence was the answer.  He wanted me to hypnotize him, so that he would feel more confident.   It took just a few minutes on the phone to help him get that FEAR is just feeling CONFIDENT – that the world is a scary place – that we are going to get hurt – and that there is a reason to feel scared.

Remember this: FEAR = MISDIRECTED CONFIDENCE – Confidence that something bad is going to happen.

“You don’t need confidence to overcome fear, because at the core – they have the same roots.  What you need to develop is more INFINITE CURIOSITY about the real world – that melts fear and the NEED for confidence both away.”

When someone wants to get over fear, DIRECTLY CREATING CONFIDENCE tends to create conflict inside the mind, and that is rarely the long term answer.

So I did what no other trainer or hypnotist ever did with him, I ignored what he thought the answer was, and I cured him of his problem by helping him get resources he needed to become INFINITELY MORE CURIOUS.  Because being curious pulls you out of your head, and into the world around you.  Being curious opens the door to amazing conversations.   Being curious makes you a life long learner, and that’s what most high income earners are.  Infinitely curious.

Even when I am Trading forex, the charts are always profitable for me, when I am curious about them – the  charts and the market.  And if I am more on the pumped up confident or the cautious fearful side of “thinking”, odds are I am not going to be as in touch with the markets, or my mind – and it’s not going to be the most profitable night.

TAKE AWAY: Forget overcoming fear with confidence – because fear is nothing more than confidence in doom.  What you need instead is curiosity.  Explore instead with us, how to become INFINITELY CURIOUS about you and your world instead. You will find that curiosity MELTS fear. And once fear melts, you have a whole new world to explore, conquer and have the adventure of a lifetime in.

Mr Twenty Twenty


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  1. Really interesting paradigm shift. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Dennis says:

    I never noticed about fear before, very cool!

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