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Did Martin Luther King Use Secret NLP Persuasion Methods?

You be the judge! Read on and learn from the master!

Martin Luther King seems to have been onto something!

“I have a dream!”

Notice how this simple and engaging sentence just grabs you!

You want to, you just have to listen and find out more. It is simple, direct and too the point. And he uses it to make you wonder, what is his dream?
You could use this formula for meeting women, making sales, literally anything.

“I have a dream!”

Notice it is short and to the point. Just four words. People like that.
Notice he didn’t say, “I have a vision.” He used the word DREAM instead.

So use short sentences and small words when possible.

Or (Compare that to…)
“Consider that using long sentences and words that have a greater number of letters in them could complicate the process of understanding.”

Get my point? Keep it simple.


If you are in sales or use persuasion for fun or profit, use Martin Luther King’s Secret formula of Engaging Simplicity!

It’s not the most SHOCKING NLP or persuasion secret. But it could dramatically enhance all your communication, sales, and influence skills.

Mr Twenty Twentymlk

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