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Is the obvious solution sabotaging your success?

Is the obvious solution holding you back or even killing your chances of success?

You are gonna like this, I bet.  It contains some very simple truths that you can apply today.

  1. We all know that doing push ups gives us bigger chest and arm muscles.  So it makes sense if you want to speed up the results – or if you hit a sticking point – to just do more pushups to break through, right?  Wrong.
  2. Doing more push ups will most likely burn you out, and just might result in injury.
  3. The thing to do is to do SQUATS.  Squats release more Human Growth Hormone into your bloodstream, BEHIND THE SCENES, which will drastically improve and multiply the results you get from doing pushups.
  4. What else can you do to increase human growth hormone and improve your results – BEHIND THE SCENES?   How about eating a high protein breakfast, like 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking.  That sets the stage again, for greater results, and increased Human Growth Hormone.

So let’s apply this to your mind, life and finances real quick.

  1. We all know that having a target in mind – makes you more productive.   Let’s call that an outcome or a goal.
  2. So if you want to make sure you get the most out of your goals, and that for you stay motivated or get remotivated – you should make your goals BIGGER so that you are more excited about them.  WRONG!  (Just like the push up example…   In this case, a bigger goal will only lead to more frustration if you don’t have the BEHIND THE SCENES stuff taken care of.)
  3. The most productive BEHIND THE SCENES bit you can take care of on your own – quite quickly – are the conversations inside your head.   Having supportive conversations inside your head will keep you focused on your target and keep you energized so you take action.   If you are imagining arguments, doubtful and conflict based conversations inside your mind – you will not only be very distracted from your goals and outcomes – you won’t have any ENERGY to take action.  So learn how to control the conversations inside your head.   Here is a great article we wrote on that – The Creative Conversation Experiment – Click here.
  4. Other behind the scenes things you can do to enhance your ability to succeed wildly include meditation – to clear your mind, slow carb diet to stabilize your blood sugar and your emotions – and READ productive and positive books and articles – like this one.  Bonus points if you read them OUTLOUD.   Double bonus points for you, if you ask me why at

That’s it for today.

Take action, take control, and give the world the best you, that you can possibly be.

Mr Twenty Twenty


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