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Inspiration or Motivation – 3 Power Points

Below is an email I recently sent to my list. There are three Power Points that if you notice them, they will change your entire life.

1. There is a difference between inspiration and motivation. (Hint: We need more inspiration, we need it now more than ever.

2. “Space” is something VITAL to your well being, success and personal growht.

3. Conditioning that space so that it supports you is something you need to be vigilant about. Eliminate things that drain you and those around you – like so many tv and radio shows. Build in a support and growth system – recordings and reading material that makes a difference.

Onward! Enjoy the Email below!

My friend JonC – inspired me to share some “old stuff” again that is very simple and powerful.

I got an email from a list of his that I am on, about Inspiration and  Motivation.

Here’s my spin on the concept he shared.

“I’d rather live from inspiration – than have to be motivated.”

Motivation – either positive or negative – has a very different feel and process to me than INSPIRATION. And I agree – Inspiration lasts longer. (Think in bed and in life.)

Some folks reading that, will instantly find an argument with that.

That’s okay, some folks are “motivated” to find an argument with any out of the ordinary thought, or anything people around them say, or what a perceived authority says.

So now what?  (This is where the opportunity is…)

If that’s you or someone you know, that’s okay.  But what I want you to notice, is how’s that working for you – for them?  When I look around, I see so many people have been trained to argue more than make changes they would enjoy having.  Think about it.

When did this happen?  How did we learn to be this way?  Was it talk radio?  All those confrontational news shows on tv?  Oprah?  Reality television where people love the complaining and the arguments?

All I know is that I hear people spouting arguments and creating arguments all the time – at the pub, in the diner, at the grocery store.   And I can’t help but ask myself, what if they took that time and energy and devoted it to some REAL CHANGE?

What if they put some good stuff in their head, instead of endless talk radio, cable tv, reruns and reality shows?

If you want a different level of success or satisfaction, make some changes. The biggest change you can make is to create some space and to condition it with good stuff.

Begin by “slowing down” the “knee jerk”.  The easiest way I’ve found to do that is to simply “notice the knee jerk”.  Do that enough, and you’ll have some space for some new goodies – strategies and opportunities to show up in your life. And you will have less “jerk” moments.

Also start listening to some “good stuff”.  Stuff that challenges your thinking and stuff that awakens something within you.  For those who are a little tight on money, we have our Almost Free NLP downloads, where you pay what you want – it’s all top notch stuff.

You’ll find it on the InnerCircle Products site below.

And what’s cool, it’s all INSPIRED – by me, and by the people who made the request for each recording.

Have fun!  Go to InnerCircleProducts


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  1. Diane Robbins says:

    I’ve recently started studying nlp and your writing on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time and work.

  2. BULLfighter says:

    The word inspiration reminds me of that faker Joe Vitale you used to hang out with. I am glad you are over him. Combining motivation inspiration and perspiration are what works for me when it comes down to it. Keep up the good work.


  3. Anonymous says:

    After our coaching call I have some ideas, thank you for sharing, I really like the safety valve concept and the shifts related to this post.

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