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How to take control of your mind in just seconds…

Notice this.

“Do you like to be told what to do or asked what to do?”

If you are like most reasonably intelligent people, you like being asked what to do.

The same is true about your mind.

Your mind likes to be asked. It doesn’t like to be told.

This is one of the reasons why many people have trouble running their mind effectively – and one of the reasons why affirmations tend not to work well with the VERY intelligent folks.

If you want to RUN YOUR MIND much more efficiently – get the changes you want – and make them STICK – start using questions to run your mind.

The Master Key: Make sure you ask questions that do three things though.

Make certain you ask questions that MAKE YOU MORE PRESENT. (Some questions will actually make the mind LOOPY.)

Make certain you are asking questions that generate ACTION. (Many folks, especially GREAT LEARNERS have strong LEARNING STRATEGIES that make learning easy – and action much more difficult.)

Make certain you are NOT asking questions that….

I made an Almost Free NLP recording on this – FREE YOUR MIND. You can have it for what ever price you choose.

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You’ll be glad you did.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: You’ll learn 4 simple questions that work, AND the strategies behind them. For what ever you choose to give for the recording. We do this – so you can discover how unique, powerful and simple our work with NLP is. Go for it and THANK YOU for being an action taker. whooo yah!

PPS: The FIRST of the four questions is this: “What’s going on here, now?” It’s a VERY SIMPLE question, one that I have NEVER seen taught in any NLP training, yet it is one of THE MOST POWERFUL questions I know, for RESETTING THE BRAIN. It helps get the brain – un loopy – and REALITY ORIENTED. Want to have some fun? Just start with THAT ONE today and notice the results. (Note: The other THREE QUESTIONS – are just as simple – and yet every time I use them, there are MASSIVE RESULTS. Enjoy!

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