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Full Throttle! Part 1 – Are you doing enough of what really excites you?

One of the most dangerous questions people ask is some form of , “what do I want?”  This question for MOST people results in mental masturbation at best – stress and burn out at worst.

So let’s try on a MUCH more powerful question, and then pour on the gas.

“What really EXCITES  me?” (Do you know?  Do you dare to even dream about it in todays world?)

“Am I doing enough of what excites me?” (Honesty counts here.  Big time.  Remember, YOU can change WHAT you are doing so that it excites you – or you can start changing what you are doing to something NEW that excites you.  Next!)

“How can I do even more of what EXCITES ME – STARTING NOW? (This is where the fun really begins!  Strap in and Buckle up!  This is where SYSTEMS come into play.)

Too many people honestly don’t have a clue about what excites them – in a positive + productive way.

Look around.  Have you noticed how many people are living lives of low intensity boredom mixed with fear that they mostly deny or bottle up?

Have you noticed the widespread addiction to mindless sitcoms, reruns, and bitching talk shows too? Add in to the mix the almost total lack of action and the number of excuses most people mumble all day long and you have a recipe for disaster.

As a culture we’ve been largely trained to sit, to watch and to wait.   Sit like a stump, feel like a chump.

“Do you know what time it is?  ”


“Listen up buckwheat – Life was NEVER  meant to be boring – reruns are impossible in nature and when you are in your natural state – so stop watching them and stop living them.”

Start living your life – FULL THROTTLE.

To live life FULL THROTTLE – and start getting real red line results – you need to begin with 3 things.

1.   State Management and Control.

2.  A Result in Mind – that gets your Body to Boogie and your Spirit to Soar.

3.  A Strong Success Oriented Support System.

STATE MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL. The kinds of thoughts you have and the kinds of actions that you take are HEAVILY influenced by the states you are routinely in.   If you FEEL BORED OR DEPRESSED OR FEARFUL you are NOT going to have the thoughts you need to take the action needed to have a life that is EXCITING.   So let’s explore how to really run your internal states – how to dial up new internal states that will take you a level higher – and how to do that on command.  (More to come.  This is most challenging to write about – and yet so easy to train a group in or do coaching around.)

RESULT IN MIND – Body Boogie – Spirit Soaring. If Result In Mind you have doesn’t primarily consist of DOING STUFF THAT EXCITES YOU – you won’t take action.   Read that twice.  If I got that when I first heard it, I would have shaved 7 plus years off the learning curve.   –  Having a result in mind of “1 million dollars in the bank, or making 6 figures a month” almost always FAILS to motivate most people long term- even the best of us – because we can NOT relate to it.

HERE IS THE KEY:  On the other hand – “doing something you love – that excites you –  in a way that produces enough income and freedom so that you can travel the world – do what you want – when you want – with whom you want” – now that is THE BEGINNING stages of a RESULT IN MIND that works for almost everyone – one that generates energy and gets you moving and grooving!  NEXT!

A STRONG SUCCESS ORIENTED SUPPORT SYSTEM. We worship and glorify “the lone wolf” and “John Wayne” types – it looks great in the movies – doesn’t it.   Let’s get real.  EVERY single successful person I have met and modeled had strong support systems and teams around him or her – every single one had coaches and mentors.  Every single one.   They eliminated mediocreness from their life (and mediocre people) – and built support systems and teams that kept them focused and effective.

We all need masterminds, mentors, and systems – they are the LIFEBLOOD to your success.   We all need masterminds and mentors – to help us notice resources we are missing – and to help prevent us from falling in love with our stupid ideas – we all have them.   We need systems in place – so that THE SYSTEM becomes the workhorse of your success – and so YOU then have the freedom to do what you want – when you want – with whom ever you want.

So what will you do now – TODAY?

Will you print out and take action on the principles in this article?

Will you commit to changing the nature of “your goals” to include more DOING AND BEING – not just having?

Will you train your brain – to generate the internal states you need – at will – on command?

Let me know,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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    Will you be doing another Remarkable Modeling program Mr Twenty Twenty? I missed the last one, and would like to be a part of the next one. You have my email and contact details from orders I have placed over the past two years on and other sites of yours. Please let me know as soon as possible.


    David D.

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