Kick Ass Embedded Command Tips

Kick Ass Embedded Command Tips
by Mr Twenty Twenty

Embedded commands are one of the core skills in NLP and are very powerful in all areas of influence, persuasion and change work.   When done properly will give you great results, and sometimes you can really get a free lunch – see below. Enjoy playing with these 5 command tonality tips in mind and notice how this PRIMARY SKILL impacts all areas of your life.

POWERPOINT:  An embedded command is a DELIBERATE COMMAND or suggestion – placed within any sentence.  As you become more aware and deliberate with their use, you will notice how often people THINK they are saying one thing – while they are COMMANDING people to do the exact opposite.   Leave a comment below if you want some examples….

1. Realize people use embedded commands all the time – they just don’t realize it.

Embedded commands seem to be built into all language. So just accept it for now, you will notice it more as you continue to play with them.   As you start noticing them more, you will also notice that you will automatically learn the subtle bits that make a huge difference – so that you become even more powerful and congruent.

2. Notice your tonality – on the outside.

Get a small recorder, an external microphone, and a pair of head sets.  Record your voice so you can listen to it. Learn what you sound like on the outside.  Use the external microphone so no noises from the recorder get into your recording. Use the head phones so you can hear with both ears what you sound like, without straining.

I used a little digital pocket recorder for this purpose, and put a lapel mike on my jacket. Recording my voice in the real world, really made me notice where I was using embedded commands in daily life, and when I wasn’t aware of using them.   This tiny little bit will AMP UP your NLP skills to the max – shaving years off your learning curve.

3. REMEMBER Command tonality has a downward pitch at the end.

I was listening to a mother yesterday telling her son to sit down? Notice how that sentence, yes SHE THOUGHT it was a sentence, makes you question your understanding of it.  Say the same sentence with a downward inflection at the end, and SIT DOWN becomes a command.   I know this is a very simple BASIC, but almost everybody I have trained over the years who has been stuck here – benefited greatly once they started NOTICING how powerful this is – and noticing EXACTLY what they were doing.

Just remember this:

A question has upward tonality!

A statement has neutral tonality.

A command has downward tonality.

4. Read printed sentences, out loud, into your recorder.

While you do this, pick out a few words to focus on, and use command tonality.

In the previous sentence you could do that on the words, “do this”, and “use command tonality”.

If you would “do this now” what words could you pick from the previous sentence.   Notice I am asking you to think, become aware, and practice and play.  Huge keys to success with NLP.

5. Play when it doesn’t matter.

I went into this great organic deli one day, and said this to the girl behind the counter.   Give me two of those.” You’ll never guess what she did. It was the best free lunch I had all week.  Play – never work at it.  Build playfullness into your skillsets, and you will again AMP UP your results – and have much more fun.

When we do our one on one private trainings, we go to the malls and simply play. We study when we drink coffee, eat lunch and dinner. Other than that, we simply play with everyone. Consider what would happen if you do the same.

And notice that “do the same” is an embedded command IF I use command tonality and intention with it.

The NLP world is huge, the question is how can I PLAY MORE often?

Mr Twenty Twenty


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  1. Our best stuff on taking Embedded Commands to the next level mate. Thank you for asking Bernard.

  2. Our best stuff on taking Embedded Commands to the next level mate. Thank you for asking Bernard.

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