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Easy Invisible Influence

Bill says Apache Scout 1 is one of our best.

I know it’s a great set that transforms lives….

Yes, I track how it shows up in your language.
I just love the whole set, and I’ll agree.    It’s simply

The fastest way to challenge any bull and get Good answers… And it’s great to get through your bullshit, If you can turn it on yourself.
(That’s where the Loops come in.  Nobody is teaching loops Like this, and the tonal challenges from that first volume  just skyrocket your results)
A real quick summary…. Of just the Tonal Challenges from Volume I…
Notice how these can have different meanings Based on the capitalized focus.
Bill SAYS Apache Scout 1 is one of our best.

BILL says Apache Scout 1 is one of our best.

Bill says APACHE Scout 1 is one of our best.

Bill says Apache Scout 1 is one of our BEST.
YOU apply this…   And notice exactly how we worked it

Through the entire Apache Scout Series….  The Critical Mind / Comment Destroyer (A great Lesson on Loops), The Get to Got To Destroyer (More Strange Loop Lessons that will Help you escape your bullshit fantasyland) and The Three Bridges….
Three Bridges will give you the easiest fastest rapport methods

Known to man… And Women too….   And these SHOULD be used

With women….    Instead of doing long bullshit patterns….
Okay… Enough rambling on that…   Thanks for the friendly


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