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Positions of Power – Eliminating Shitty Beliefs #1

Shitty Belief Structures – See them as real and they make you one of the living dead – accomplishing or having what you really want.  Try this on – it works.:

“When your shitty beliefs are more real to you than the REAL you is – you will defend the BELIEFS and attack yourself – until either they die or you do.”  – Mr Twenty Twenty

Let that sink in – deeply.  Ponder it for just a moment.  I wonder why almost nobody is telling you this – sharing it this way – or giving away a system like this that works.

We do because Shitty Belief Systems – make you one of the walking dead – and I hate zombies and their dead dreams.

Here is an example – how we use 3 sentences to NUKE Shitty Belief Structures – in seconds..

We call this THE SPLIT – It’s the core of part one of POSITIONS OF POWER.

Women Problems?   (This works wonders with money too.  Just change it up a bit and read it again.)

I had a client last week who had problems connecting with women.  He called up and we noticed in his languaging that he had both shitty experiences and beliefs about women and relationships. After structuring the session, and opening him up a bit, it became even more obvious his beliefs about women made him feel frustrated and  isolated and he honestly didn’t want to feel lonely anymore. I can imagine the fun he was missing out on, been there, done that.  

Here is how we SCIENTIFICALLY SHATTERED his SHITTY BELIEF STRUCTUES with THE SLIT – from Positions of Power.

We used THE SLIT about 10 minutes into the call.:  After I set the stage for the call, and he shared his stuff, I said to him:

“So let’s presuppose that THAT can be true – what you said about women (notice I did NOT say believe – that would activate his innate defense / attack systems), and you’ve experienced THAT somehow. Do you suppose there is at least one woman (PAUSE)- or maybe that there are SOME women who are different than that (PAUSE – he indicates yes) and S0  think about this, you never know when you might find one right in front of you.”

We only did a tiny bit more in that session, to cement that in – because there were indications that that was what he needed – shifts happened – and that he was ready to keep them.  You’ll hear more about his BIG TIME changes – later.


If you want to learn how to do this in just a few minutes and find out precisely why it works – read on.

Here is how those three sentences – from the first recording from the PreSuppose Power System work:

“So let’s suppose that THAT can be true – what you said about. ______”  I am supposing that what he says – CAN – be true.  We are giving it permission to be true FOR HIM with the word CAN.   This first step is vital – because SHITTY BELIEF STRUCTURES – Poor Presuppositions – always begin small, with small slices of experience – then get GLOBALIZED in the mind – because they were GIVEN PERMISSION to grow – until they become unbearable. We have to acknowledge what happened – inside the mind – with give permission word CAN in this phrase – to set the stage.

“and that you have experienced that somehow” – We acknowledge that THAT was experienced – somehow and we address part of that experience in a way that almost every pactitioner overlooks.  We use one or two TINY WORDS to bring together BOTH their direct experience and INDIRECT experience – of the Shitty Belief Support Structure – so that EVERYTHING CHANGES – and there is no residual garbage to deal with later – inside the mind.

We have to include this now – before we finish up this segment:

THE MISTAKE MOST PEOPLE MAKE:  If both the DIRECT – first hand experience – AND – INDIRECT FACILITATING STRUCTURES inside the mind are not INCLUDED in the process – change won’t happen deep enough – or won’t last long.  

POWERPOINT:  The INDIRECT FACILITATING STRUCTURES inside the mind are WHAT causes them to later START DEFENDING AND REBUILDING their Shitty Belief Structure.  It’s sort of like buyer’s remorse – in self developent and changework.  INDIRECT includes – stuff witnessed, imagined, saw in a movie, were told about, overheard, and even gossip and small talk.  If we don’t INCLUDE the INDIRECT FACILITATING STRUCTURES now, they will erode the positive change over time.


You’ll notice above we included the tiny little phrase “somehow” – “and that you have experienced that SOMEHOW”.  That is all we need to include – that or a phrase like, “in some way” to included the INDIRECT FACILITATING STRUCTURES and eliminate resistance to change.


The final part of the first segment of POSITIONS OF POWER – opens open up the mind to ACTIVELY notice exceptions to the SHITTY BELIEF STRUCTURES – and notice them in a way that helps build in POWER PACKED PRESUPPOSITIONS.  Here is how they work.

“Do you suppose there is at least one woman”  – We are asking for a tiny REDUCULOUS exception to THEIR RULE – their Shitty Belief Structure.  Of course, all parts of their mind, have to say YES.

“Or maybe that there are some women who are different than THAT” – Building on the small slice exception above – this is like watering a plant – after it is planted.  We must do this too – so that the FUTURE PACING next works exceptionally well.

And we finalize this part of  POSITIONS OF POWER – with FUTURE PACING:

“You never know when you might find one right in front of you.”  FUTURE PACING – tells him – to start LOOKING FOR the positive – the powerful – the plentiful – and it works powerfully – because it is pointing him outside the previous poverty conditions of his mind – to notice what is really there.  Women who are worth connecting with – right in front of them.

Notice the simplicity and speed here in just the segment of POSITIONS OF POWER.


In the Complete Package you will learn:

  • How to amp up and speed up the results – with words and gestures.
  • How to cement change in – make it stick.
  • How to use the mindset and methods in sales ETHICLY.
  • Why many belief change systems actually sabotage your results – what to do if they get added in – how to make sure they don’t.
  • What to do speed up and reinforce your results INSTEAD OF AFFIRMATIONS.
  • How to use affirmations – 3 shifts that make them work.
  • How to kill off and stop dead Viral Belief Systems – nasty stuff done mostly by television marketers, well intending NEGATIVE relatives and friends.
  • And 13 other POWER POINTS.  And if you follow the system as we teach it in the training manuals and mp3s – you’ll find that it starts to run on  AUTOPILOT.


POSITIONS OF POWER  – Save $300 off of the retail – and get it all for just $179 bucks – lock in your order – nowby clicking here!  We will never be offering it at this price again, and you will have access to Mr Twenty Twenty for pretty darn much pennies on the dollar, and he will be offering email support – and other BONUSES.

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ETHICS AND ENERGY – POSITIONS OF POWER is our TIGHTEST FOCUSED – FASTEST ACTING TRAINING PACKAGE , because you are not manipulating their mind – or yours in any way.  When we diagram out ALL THREE PROCESSES and major principles – so it is easy to see that we are actually STOPPING MIND FRAGMENTATION – and Fast Action is immediate and easy.  A Google subcontractor who works with high level program optimization and implimentation  said that what we do with POSITIONS OF POWER is eliminate a subroutine in your mind from hijacking the system.  We are training the client to STOP MANIPULATING and START OPTIMIZING their own thinking.   taking making a FRAGMENTED DEFENSIVE PART of their mind STOP MANIPULATING their thinking – so that they can have much more freedom – and take action they want to – easily and freely.
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  1. It`s true that beliefs guide our decisions and behaviour in all areas of our life. They determine what we think is or is not possible and shitty beliefs are just not on ! LOL
    Scary to know that more often than not they prove to be self-fulfilling prophecies. However, some of our shitty beliefs are not fully our own, but rather blindly taken on from others shitty beliefs. LOL.
    We need to stop working overtime to prove the shitty beleifs right! Well said !

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