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Do you know the best way to get quick and lasting results?

Up Front NLP

by: Mr Twenty Twenty

Let’s assume you want the quickest, most lasting, and easiest results with your NLP and persuasion activity.

Keeping that in mind… (I wish more than a few Psychologists would learn this…)

Some people “say” that when we are gathering information, to make sure we don’t “lead” the client.

And that can be useful, but perhaps impossible. Because when you are being observed, especially if you know you are being observed, behavior changes. Just notice this.

So let’s assume that we can’t observe “behavior”, what ever that means, without influencing it.

We could assume also that anytime you ask any question, remember those pesky NeuroLinguistic Programming questions, anytime you ask a question, you have to lead the client.

So to settle it here and now, anytime you ask a question, before you ask it, determine what direction you want to set your “client” in.

“Is something wrong?” That question WILL set a direction, the question that I have to ask is, “Is that specific direction useful NOW?”

“What do you like best about…” Now, that question will set an entirely different direction, and elicit a state which you can anchor.

And asking the “Is something wrong…” question could elicit a state as well, and maybe, just possibly they could associate it with… YOU.

In sales, never elicit – that is ask for problems. If they show up, deal with them. If they don’t…. hey, why not visit my web site at:

And you may be surprised about the amount of web traffic that gets generated by that one statement alone…

The Number #1 suggestion!

So explore questions, and ask yourself, “Does this question set my client in a direction that is useful now AND does it elicit a state that I want to anchor and associate with me?”

Enjoy and send me your comments at:

Mr Twenty Twenty

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