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Ego Getting You Down?

Many problems I have found with NLP coaching clients come down to an excessive “sense of self” combined with a need for “external validation”.
“Notice the difference between the first half of each sentence below and the second half.  The first half has less focus on “the ego” and more on a quality.  The second half is more ego centric.”
There is a difference between a talk that is intelligent, and someone trying to sound intelligent.
There is a difference between someone being kind, and someone appearing to do kind things.
There is a difference between brilliance and an attempt by someone at being clever.
  1. With one, there is intelligence, kindness and brilliance.
  2. With the other, there is ego and maybe what follows ego.
  3. One is very attractive.  The other is seductive and repelling both.
Learning to distinguish between the two is priceless, and quite a useful distinction.
Here are three things you can to to “get over” the ego.

1.  At the end of the day, take time to quietly reflect on your thoughts.  Notice how much “sense of self” was involved in both thinking and in activities.

2.  Do this little exercise inside your mind.   Make a picture of your car.  Put you in it.  Take you out of it.   Make a picture of your kitchen.  Put you in it.  Take you out it.  Make a picture of your oven.  Put you in it.  Take you out of it.  – Get creative with this one.

3.  Notice if you have a preference when you spontaneously make images during the day – are you in your images or not?   Notice how this changes over time.
These tiny little exercises loosen up how you represent “you” inside your mind.  There are plenty more of these that you’ll find in our recordings, or that we will spontaneously develop during a training or a coaching – consulting call.
Have fun!
Mr Twenty Twenty
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