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Bringing NLP to Life!

Bringing NLP to Life!

By Mr Twenty Twenty

We bring NLP to LIFE, or Make Neuro-Linguistic Programming come to life. At least that’s what Dave says.

Spending 5 to 7 days in the classroom would drive me nuts. That’s why we don’t do that here. I assume that you want real life persuasion skills. That’s why we go to the malls, the stores, the festivals, and restaruants nearby our home base in Connellsville, PA. You’re gonna get real life skills by playing with real life people Buckwheat!

Now I’m not saying that going to NLP Pracitioner Courses aren’t a bad idea, been there done that… But there comes a time whether you have been training at seminars, reading books, listening to cd’s and watching videos, there comes a time when you have to let the rubber meet the road. And it seems to really make a difference if you have a coach during that time.

Coming to Pennsylvania. I tell all my phone coaching clients, if you find our phone sessions enjoyable, and just a little confusing at times – GREAT! Then come to Pennsylvania. On the phone, in just 30 minutes a week, we have clients finally GETTING IT! Now if you come to Pennsylvania, you get to play for 6 to 8 hours a DAY, for THREE DAYS! Wow, Imagine the fun!

You may not notice that you are missing some crucial steps when it comes to getting the results you want, with your persuasion and Neuro Linguini skills, but I probably will notice that, It’s not just my job, it’s my adventure. When we are at the mall, playing with sales folks, other shoppers, and who ever sits down near us at the food courts, we get to discover what skills you enjoy and have a knack for, and also where we can HAVE FUN, getting you up to speed.

Think about it. If you play in the classroom, you get classroom results. That’s because you are playing with willing and not so willing partners, who KNOW what you are doing, and can either hold you back because they don’t want to be anchored, or can give you false positives because they want to do the darn drill. So why not take your selling, persuasion and Neuro Linguistic skills to the streets, and play.

Another thing to bring to the mix is CROSS TRAINING. I have an extensive background in many different sciences. Naturopathic Medicine, nutrition, nature skills etc. I’ve trained with medicine men, and spent thousands of hours “getting dirty” to see what skills work, and what ones to discard. This all comes into play when I play, and that seems to be why we get such incredible results with these methods.

So get off your dupa and do something! Get some real life experience, go play when it doesn’t matter, and email me today at You may be glad you did!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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