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Be the Exception!

One of the first things that I want you to notice is that like attracts like. You may notice that cranky people tend to hang out with cranky people. Poor people tend to hang out with poor people, and people who savor and appreciate life hang out with, and are attracted to people who savor and appreciate life.  Wealthy people.
Carol and I stopped by a restaurant to eat tonight. We got stranded on our way down to Austin, Texas to visit Joe Vitale.

We picked one of the better restaurants in the area that we just got a good feel for. Both of us wanted an exceptional and relaxing dinner.

Our server was a wonderful girl named Sara. During the course of the evening she told us that she was moving with her boyfriend to Denver Colorado. She was exceptional in how she served us and with her goals in life too.

The server’s assistant’s name was Shane. Shane was delightful young man, 17 years old with profound respect for his parents. Both are server Sara and Shane both were exceptional. Both were very beautiful, very conversational, and just nice to be with.

If you want to attract exceptional people into your life, be exceptional.

Take the time to SETTLE FOR THE BEST.

Take the time in life to do your best, and savor all that you have.

Light up a great cigar tonight at 8:00. Take some time to savor, be thankful and enjoy.

And when you begin notice more wealth and abundance in your life, remember your cigar smoking friend here.

Twenty Twenty

The Original and The Only No BS Life Coach

Smoking for Peace!

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