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Are you blind on the inside? Engage the power of Inner Vision!

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Mr Twenty Twenty (Mr Twenty Twenty) doesn’t let Ray Charles drive his bus!Hey mate,

It’s a tragedy when someone you love goes physically blind.

Thankfully this rarely happens.

If you have just a moment I’ll share with you what scares me, really scares me about blindness.

What scares me about being blind is the number of people I see everyday who don’t have inner vision. They don’t have the ability to imagine, develop goals, make life changing plans. They don’t have the ability to see what is possible for them.

Most People around you are blind to their potential, their Inner Vision.

They have forgotten how to dream, and how to discover how to bring their dreams into reality.

I’m NOT talking positive thinking. Positive thinking can become delusional.

I’m talking Visionary Thinking. Visionary thinking involves you using your THREE Visual Systems the way they were designed to be used.

The Three Visual Systems you must use to get massive results:

Physical Eyes: See what is directly in front of you. See what WAS possible, and what IS actual.

Self Image: See you ABLE to take action. Healthy USE of self image is empowering.

Inner Vision: See how you can change your world, see how you can transform THE WORLD. Inner Vision is

If you have just a tiny twinge in your body letting you know how amazingly powerful this is, then listen in on the wake up call.

Enjoy the Day!

Mr Twenty Twenty Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary

Formerly Known as Mr Twenty Twenty

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