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7 Secrets of Getting What You…

mr2020First, lets get this totally clear.  “What you want” is a question that will most likely keep you fat (or at least unfit) , frustrated, and broke.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

1.  Stop doing what most people do. Most people have minds and lives that are totally want oriented. Wants inside your mind simply remain wants inside your mind.  That is the magic and the curse of language running the mind.  There is a better way…

2.  Train Yourself to Become Outcome Oriented. If you abandon wanting based thinking entirely, you will accomplish and experience much much more cool stuff .  The key is to begin by asking yourself just ONE question:  “What is the OUTCOME I have in mind?”

3.  Plan your week.  Really try this on.   It’s not just WORD changes we are talking about here, this is how the mind seems to actually WORK – and why it doesn’t work for most people all that well.   When  you are planning your week (you are planning your week, aren’t you) ask questions that help you THINK in terms Outcomes.

Work with Mr Twenty Twenty

4.  REMEMBER:  All Outcomes in Mind are based in behavior.   It’s not just about “I will weigh 185 and have a body fat of 8%”.  It’s about “I am exercising daily and eating almost no simple carbohydrages – enjoying getting closer to my target weight of 185 lbs”.

5.  Have a Physical Body Outcome in mind.   Here are a few great examples.  “This week I am eating meals that are high in complex carbs this week to help me get a grip on my blood sugar.”   “This week I am exercising 25 minutes a day so that I fit back into my 34 inch waist slacks on Friday.”

6.  Have a Financial Outcome in Mind. “This week I will produce 4 recordings of 30 minutes each by Wednesday.  Thursday I will write ad copy for those recordings, I will proof read Saturday, and Sunday I will put them for sale up on ebay.”   “I am going to the grocery store to purchase from my list of healthy foods and cooking 3 additional meals at home.  The $20 a week I am saving I will put into promoting my new products and coaching with a mentor to help me make more money online.

7.  Have a “Spiritual” Outcome In Mind. It’s not about “getting to heaven or the end result.  It’s about living life here on earth – according to a specific set of standards – and those standards include how you will treat and be treated by people.   “Today I will be lovingly honest, give away a dollar anonymously, and conduct my life according to my principles of integrity.”

Okay, I’ll admit it – these examples are at times a little vague – and that is INTENTIONAL.  Because here is the deal and here is how to avoid the number one mistake most “never achievers” make:

“Having to take FOREVER to develop the absolutely perfect goal or “result in mind” is as damaging and dangerous as walking around with a bunch of non specific want based thinking.  Both will burn you out and turn you into a zombie.”

BIG ARSE MAGICAL KEY THAT WORKS: Define the result you have in mind – just enough – so that you notice your behavior and your mindset changing SPONTANEOUSLY.    And if you are keeping a Black Book Journal (coming soon) – you’ll notice that your Result In Mind will evolve, grow, and develop – as you do.

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS:  I had a meeting the other day I had to go to.  I don’t just “go to meetings”, mostly they are a waste of time.    When I was considering attending, I asked myself, “What is the result I have in mind for this meeting?”   “What behaviors support that?”    –  Try that on this week, apply it to your life LIBERALLY and let me know THE RESULTS.

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