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7 Second Mind Control Secrets. Got Questions?


“Because questions by their very nature – the questions you ask – largely determine how you think – what you think of – and what is possible for you to act upon in your life.”

I asked them from the small platform, “Do you get how powerful questions have been in  your life?”  (I watched the entire group start thinking in the same direction.)

“Have you noticed how questions set the direction of thinking?”

“Are you noticing how questions (like the ones I am asking) literally can control your mind?”

“Have you noticed how just one question – and how it is asked – can change your world – forever?”  (Think coaching calls and training weekends.)

“Have you started asking yourself new questions, so you start getting what you want in life?  Have you realized how much your old questions have held you back?”

That is how we began the “Question Everything Weekend”.   From Saturday Morning until Sunday at dinner time, we spent most of 48 hours playing with, taking apart, and refining questions.

Noticing how specific questions shut you down, and how other questions can open the door to amazing possibilities.

Want to experience something extremely powerful?

Notice the questions that most people ask.    You know, the average frustrated folk.   Do you think that those who are more successful could possibly be asking themselves better quality questions?

While you are at it…  Notice the questions that you ask.

Notice the questions you ask other people.  Notice the questions you ask yourself.  Notice the questions you ask the big cheese, God, the divine – especially when you have had enough.

And if you were living up to even more, much more of your potential, do you think that those questions you are asking just might change?

Are you getting a glimpse into how powerful that weekend was?

Imagine what we could do in 48 hours.  Exploring.  Really exploring what directs your mind.   Not just reading a few examples from a list, not just sharing a principle or two then moving on like many wanna be armchair experts.

Imagine, what would happen if you totally changed the nature of the questions you asked?  And the questions you answer.   Because when it is all said and done, the questions you generate will determine just about everything you think, and everything you do.

Mr Twenty Twenty

Want me to share some of the powerful specifics we explored over the Question Everything Weekend?

Let me know by commenting below.

And what would you like to learn first:

The most powerful and life changing questions we developed?  Or some of the most damaging questions we discovered?

Mr Twenty Twenty

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5 Comments on "7 Second Mind Control Secrets. Got Questions?"

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  1. Michael says:

    I do want you to share some of the powerful specifics we explored over the Question Everything Weekend.

  2. Angelo says:

    once you have reached your target area/zone how do you stay there–in that positive mental zone?

    By the way–thank you for all you do for me/us in your mailings–I am a better person because of you and Neville.

  3. Mr. Twenty Twenty.

    my 2 most used questions at the moment are:

    where/what is the opportunity in this?

    how does it get any better than this?

    for me these 2 questions reveal insight and produce results.



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