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Kick Ass!

medwhedanGood Morning,

Today we are going to STOP procrastinating and pussyfooting around!

In other words, wake up buckwheat, your life and your RESULTS MATTER. In just minutes you will find out MY SECRET to extreme productivity and world domination.

In other words, I want more VISIONARIES LIKE ME in the world, and less Homer Simpson wanna be’s.

Because, ONCE we get your Bull Shit out of the way, people will be buying your stuff left and right, doing your trainings, listening to you, you will be not just sleeping with a beautiful woman, you will have the perfect relationship with her, perfect for both of you, your life will have so much energy and fun in it you could not stand it.

Yes you would still have your problems, but your life would be YOUR LIFE. You will not be a sheep, or a robot, going through the motions.

Too many men I know, live like lumps, waiting for the bomb to drop.

So what’s this all about? What is YOUR LIFE all about?

Years ago, when my head was totally messed up, my mentor helped me craft a powerful mission statement. I couldn’t do it on my own. He had me rewrite it no less than 2 dozen times. He kept asking me questions, getting me to go deep, to take action, to develop a plan that…. TODAY – IMPACTS – LIVES!

Your turn, you know what to do.

Mr Twenty Twenty

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