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Modeling Neville Goddard – Part 1

“Effective modeling begins with ignoring what the person you are modeling says or thinks is important, and noticing exactly how, when, and where he puts his attention, energy, and focus.”

Many readers of Neville Goddard miss what would call the big splash in Neville Goddard’s stream of life.   The big splash is what is the actually state and process Neville Goddard is in when he is manifesting.

The big splash is what we will focus on here today.  The big splash is caused by the BIG ROCK.  The big rock is exactly the processes inside Neville’s mind, and what we studied, explored and discovered while taking the mind of Neville Goddard in our 2009 Remarkable program.   Neville was just one of 12 folks we modeled that year, with some really cool results.  I’d love to share the Big Rock, but that is very complicated in written form.


Many people who read or listen to Neville Goddard miss something vital in Neville’s stream – how life flows through him.   Many people who I talk and email with seem to attempt to manifest using Neville’s spoken method – using a strong sense of desire.

Back to modeling.  Neveille may have said desire is important, and Neville might sound like he is full of raging desire, but if you do what we did in 2009 and take apart the mind and the processes inside Neville Goddard’s mind, modeling with NLP the way we do – you’ll discover 3 very powerful keys.

1.  Neville Goddard had almost no desire in his body.  Neville Goddard had a very unique way of being / feeling / expressing certainty.

2.  Neville Goddard expressed his certainty in a way that projected it – through his body and into the rest of the universe.  It was like his body and the universe were truly ONE.

3.  Neville had a very good understanding of the difference between desire and his way of projecting certainty.

Now take a moment, and notice.  If you are a fan of Neville Goddard or not, this is a really powerful moment in your life.

“Take the time to notice the difference – in your body – between strongly desiring something and being certain of it’s fulfillment.  It’s a huge difference, and the more you explore it, the more you will find Neville Goddard’s methods working for you.”

If you enjoyed this tiny little peek into the mind and process of Neville Goddard, and would like more of our nlp modeling of him, leave a comment below.

Here is Part 2 – Modeling Neville Goddard

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Have a great day!

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“I listened to the first two downloads and am very glad and grateful I was led to your sight.  I have followed Neville Goddard for about a year now and have adopted a completely fresh perspective based on my feeling that all perspectives are ok.  However it is fun learning more about myself, and seeing how I can grow more consciously.   Your recordings are awesome and i feel I have grown so much in 80 minutes.  It is my pleasure to support you and thank you for sharing!!!”  😀  Sema

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  1. Neville Student says:

    I want more. Thank you.

  2. Alfred says:

    Desiring something means you feel you don’t have it and its like an endless vicious cycle. Feeling certain of its fulfillment allows for manifestation because you KNOW that whatever you see/feel in your mind with intensity is already a fact (its just now needs to appear in a physical form which will happen if you allow it to occur by not getting in the way with your doubts and fears). When you have certainty, the universe takes over and arranges people and situations so that it can appear. You may or may not have to do anything (action) in the process, but if you do, then that action will be revealed to you as a prompting from within.

  3. zolo says:

    hi … I cant say i truly and deeply understand Neville, for he is such a giant of a mind, but i have manifested many things through his method i love his work i love his teachings, and I can say that I have truly find my God in me.
    It seems to me that u are over complicating a simple truth, a truth that u find with repetion and experience, not with knowledge. when u know smthng u just know it there is no one that can sway u from it, that is faith “be still and know”.

  4. Patricia S. says:

    More about Neville’s mind, please.

  5. dale voorhies says:


  6. Never quite looked at it that way. Though after reading through this, and feeling in my body what the effect of desire is and the effect of certainty is there is a profound difference.
    Now this is pretty simplified,I found that the desire created a feeling of stress and tension and the feeling of certainty was a calming, releasing effect. And much more focused I might add.
    Now that may just be me and what I experienced, but there ya go.

    Thanks 20

  7. Sophia says:

    Thank you. Very very helpful indeed.

  8. EJ says:

    I would find more of your nlp modeling of Neville very interesting and likely very, very usefull!

  9. simon says:

    Wow, that’s really good. I love Neville’s books and lectures and I would love to know more about the Big Rock.


  10. george says:

    I am fascinated by Neville Goddard.
    But how can you operate in the world and still be detached?
    There’s a great book called Influence the Psychology of Persuasion which shows how people manipulate each other.
    Is it possible to be a mystic and do a practical job?

  11. Stuart says:

    I’d love more of this as I’m an NLP master practitioner from way back and I really enjoy Neville’s work

  12. Arne Hansen says:

    Well, I guess certainty is necessary, but moust of all I think it is in what state the Spirit is in.
    If The Spirit is in a high mode of contentment, joy and “elevated”, miracles as such, happens almoust spontaneously.
    If however The Spirit is “low-keyed” and inbedded in judgments of different kinds, I am almoust certain that certaintity is not enough to lift the Spirit to the necessary level for creation.
    To be good creators I think we need to appreciate everything more and more forever forward, and to succed in doing so, we have to ASSUME that it is wort appreciating the whole of creation and all in it.
    (But I am good in theory, It is harder in practise!) Ha ha ha

  13. Stephanie says:

    I have been studying Neville for almost 6 months and am so sold on his take on it all. I recently started teaching, at least for this month about Neville to a small group for Law of Attraction at the Unity Church in Austin. We had finished Wallace Wattle’s Science of Getting Rich” where he talks about this “Certainty” I am also interested in feeling this way to certainty and am also incorporating Quatum Jumping, as I have never had an affinity towards NLP. However I now have have several of my late husbands NLP books in front of me and will give it another shot. What you have said is so true in the differences between the two, Thank-you. I will share your site with my students and on my blog.

  14. Richard says:

    Very interesting. When I started reading Neville’s work, I also did some research on him and his teaching. The one critic I found, stated that some people had difficulty using his system because he was so visual and his professional acting training gave him some advantage. I assumed the acting training gave him state control. Nice article

  15. Alicia says:

    I have found that I get what I wish for when I just THINK and pour myself into that thought, without interruption. I think to myslef, “this is what is going to happen”, then I see myself doing something, like a movie in my head and I think that it has to happen that way and IT DOES! I don’t put any feeling into it. I just SEE IT IN MY HEAD! The hard part is, it is a lot of work getting into this thought pattern. Not as easy as when I made up my mind that I want something and then do it. Only affect your world. Hurting others will HARM YOU BACK!

  16. Joanna says:

    I just pretend everyone is me, that way I learn the lessons quicker.

  17. HDA says:

    I’ll be happy to know more about your modeling Neville Goddard.
    kind regards

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