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Recruit your weakness. Succeed wildly.

From the Antique Mahogony Desk of
Mr Twenty Twenty
Pittsburgh, PA
December 2, 2007

Think masterminds here.

You are strong in some very specific areas. You just might know this, and know how to capitalize on this if you:

“Ignored the training you got in grade school.”

If you want to be happy and wealthy, then ignore the training you got in grade school, which was to notice your weaknesses, and base your “worth” on those.

Think about it, the Grade A student got all the attention, and it was implied they were better than the grade B student, which was me. Maybe that was you too.

Today I hire Grade A students….. Anyhoo….

Anyhoo….. Back to our program.

Recruit your weakness, connect with someone who is EXCELLENT where you aren’t, and either hire them or put them in your mastermind.

And in the name of all that is good, holy, and fun, don’t ever judge them or you.

Remember you are EXCELLENT someplace where they aren’t.

Now catch this…. You will be enriching their life if you choose to recruit your weakness.

If you hire them you will be enriching their life with buckos.

I hire all kinds of grade a folks to work on my teams.

And… if you choose to invite them into your mastermind, you will both enrich each other with the incredible value of a good idea. (Napoleon Hill – one of my hero’s just loved this concept!)

So do it!

Mr Twenty Twenty

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