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Double your income. Become responsible.


It’s this simple.

Become responsible.

The most wealthy people I have met, modeled, and trained with are those who are responsible.

“I am responsible”. Those words send chills up the spines of many people. And those very same words can make your wealthy.

Think about it.

I was working with a fella who was being rejected by women. Once he took responsibility and took action on how they perceived him his life changed, dramatically.

In sales, no matter what, if the sale doesn’t complete you are responsible.

In my internet business, you’ll love this, 27% of my overseas orders were “not approved”. These were orders from “dangerous” places like Canada and England.

So I could have just said so what, but I took responsibility for redesigning the order process at Inner Circle Products and now they flow like a breeze.

And while we worked on that I personally emailed every person who attempted to order to help them make it happen.

What will YOU make happen today?

What will you become responsible for?

Mr Twenty Twenty – The Visionary .

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