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Two things my Grandma Taught Me about being an Arse

Hey mate,

I thought I would share, two insights My Grandma Agnes had about being an arse!

(Since we are focusing on the Assholes Guide to Enlightenment!)

“Be awake. Be thankful.”

Grandma always taught me as an American Indian to be awake, to keep my eyes lovingly open, to notice and to appreciate what is in front of me, and also what is inside of me that is plain to see.

Ever notice EVERYONE notices both you and your crap? And if they can accept you with it all, that leads me to Grandma’s second point.

Grandma Point number 2: Be thankful.

Be thankful for all that you are, and all the crap you have too.

“If you are thankful, you won’t hide it, you’ll let it out, so you can explore it, learn from it, and actually relate better to other people.”

Just a couple of thoughts, from one of the wise elders in my life.

Enjoy the day, and get the Asshole’s Guide to Enlightenment by clicking:


(There are sample recordings for you to enjoy too, good stuff that will change your world, without having to be all prim, proper, and politically correct.)

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  1. Joan says:

    Mr. 20/20 — I certainly enjoyed the one audio I have heard so far. You are a good common sense guy — deeply spiritual with one foot on the ground! How refreshing!

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