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Work too hard, or answer just one POWERFUL question! Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

If you cant answer this one simple question, you will have to work so much harder.

Ready for the Million Dollar Question?

Here goes!

“Why should I hire you?”

If you can’t answer that, immediately, then support it with THEIR thinking it through, then you are screwed.

Apply this to dating, mating, business, dinner, keeping your kids off drugs…

You can’t IMAGINE how powerful this question is, until you begin to

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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Mr Twenty Twenty - "The Weird Obtuse NLP Guru". His adventure in NLP began as a Police Interrogator back in 1988. As a prison guard, taken hostage in the Camp Hill Prison Riots in 1989, diagnosed with PTSD, he immersed himself into NLP, Native Wisdom Healing - Shamanic training, and Wilderness Survival - to heal himself of the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - effectively taking his life back and becoming a world known authority. His advancements in Subjective Modeling, and using NLP to "undesign" your brain and how to use NLP to...

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