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How to bulid rapport easily and naturally.

She was an attractive girl, one who was used to jerks hitting on her.

I was sitting there, I watched her move from across the room, and I knew that I wanted to talk with her.  She looked interesting, energetic, alive.

So I walked past her, up to the counter, to get another cup of coffee, I glanced over at her, relaxed, focused my gaze on her, and immediately I noticed her neclace.

“Hi, I’ve been admiring your necklace from across the room, did you make it?”

amberShe looked at me, saw that I was sincere, and then we started talking.

In the next 25 minutes, I learned that she bought it on a trip to Virginia Beach, and that she goes there 2 times a year.  Once with her friends, once with her family.

We talked until she had to get back to work, she would have given me her number if I had asked, she hinted several times, and she said she hoped that we would bump into each other again.    We did, I introduced her to Carol, and she became a friend of ours.

“All of the good ones are taken.”

So why did she open up like that?   I didn’t “NLP” or “seduce” her.

How to easily and naturally get rapport.

“When you meet someone, keep in mind that you meet their heart, their body, their mind.”

I tied all three of those together.  I gave her a genuine compliment, asked a question I wanted the answer to, and centered it all around something SPECIFIC about her.  This something specific could be about a thing she has or activity she does.

Compliment = heart.

Question = mind.

Necklace = body.

You can use this “method” to meet just about anyone, and if you are genuine with it, you can get invited deep into their world.

Have fun,

Mr Twenty Twenty

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  1. Absent Capacity says:

    Thank you for this most informative article!

    What a simple formula to use, and I can see how it can work in almost every situation!

    Absent Capacity

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