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NLP Discussion Group – Fried Chicken

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August 25, 2009

Nice Thomas! You’ve seen The Matrix? And the movie about it?

Seems like we’ve got to “take the vision from the mountain to the people”. In other words, go into the matrix to help those who are ready to wake up.

So one of my “off grid” activities is facilitating vision quests. People come in for four days.

I see them on day 1 and on day 4.

They spend “time alone with the divine, for days 2 and 3. Usually a small spot in the woods, or a cabin. Water is a must. No food if possible. No books. Except for a notebook.

I charge $1000 bucks for that. Because I am burned out for the better part of a week. Some people say that’s too much… others know it’s a deal. They all know it’s a deal once they’ve been here, and discover what goes into and what comes out of a quest.

Your client, “N” paid you for 2 days….. not 3 hours.

Whooo yah!

PS: Client “N” will pay the price, not just in money, but in his “world” expanding. Falling apart. When the “egg expands because the chicken is coming out…. it falls apart.” Most people are still identifying themselves as “the egg shell”, instead of being “the chicken”. So I call them what they are, CHICKEN! (It’s what I am too.) Fear of being chicken, gets covered up by avoidance or anger. So they (the clients) tend to go away for a while…. or get upset. Part of the program.

PPS: Thanks Thomas for remembering / noticing you are Chicken.

PPPS: For the other chickens out there…. We roast chicken at Scout Camp. Looks like only 1 bunk left NOW! Whooo yah!

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On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 10:01 AM, Thomas wrote…

He’s fried. I’m fried.

So I finish with client N yesterday.

And he begins to get in touch with his body.
He begins to see the golf club as a tool, part of his body.

He watches me hit balls with my eyes closed.


He says, auditory: I want to do that.

He says, when can I do that?

I am as fried as he.

I go to where he is…fry him out.
Bring him into his body.

When can I do that?

He has to practice tripping first to know where his feet are but his leg is asleep.

when can I do that?

How long?

And then the pay off. He hits a “perfect” shot. He notices his body in relation to his surroundings.

He adjusts. He understands on a very small scale where he is in relation to the outside world.

In the end he waits for me. I have some water.

I smile for him, with him, at him….it is glorious.

He says, “I’m fried!.” Thats the payoff.

We help one another realize…

I have spent too much time in his world and he has gotten a glimpse of mine.

We are both fried from the journey.

He pays me two hundred for a little over three hours.

I almost want to not charge him because the more time I spend in that world…where he is…Ericksonian

To get him where we both can be is exhausting and it is a reminder that is not a place I want to be or visit too often because

It is exhausting.

It is hell.

It is the realm of why?


I prefer Me (my belly) Myself (my heart) and although I (my mind) has a wonderful place in the world this for me is the place of the lost, the lonely, the unfeeling, the disconnected.

You say it one way Twenty, I say it another.

But in the end it is the same.

Get to the essence.


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