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Still stuck on your Guru?

loveguru2Hey mate,

Every month I am either leading a workshop, conference or retreat, or attending one.

I am pretty darn active, it seems to really be a huge part of success, happiness and fun, for me at least.

While at these events, I get to meet TONS of very interesting and inspiring people.

I get to discover how remarkable they are as individuals, how each person has a unique perspective and unique, personal, Point of Power that they can benefit from and lighten the world with.

And I also I get to discover how most people get stuck, with only a handful of universal patterns.

“There seems to be only a handful universal ways that everyone gets stuck in, while there seems to be a totally unique way of expressing peace, power and prosperity for each individual.”

Everyone has a unique Point of Power. That’s what the Elders I worked with taught me to notice.

And there are only a handful of ways to get stuck. That’s something very powerful to ponder and to notice.

“Here is one of the patterns that I notice in people who are stuck, when I meet or work with them. It’s one of the few that you can explore on your own, in yourself and in people around you.”

(Most of the ways people get stuck, you need someone to help you notice it, just a little bit more and a little bit differently than you have, and then WHAM! Inspiration and Insight hit you like Lightning!)

Still stuck on your guru?

This takes place in the mind in two ways, as you will read below. Most of the time, people who are stuck in this particular pattern, only notice one half of it in their thinking. (Part of the key to liberating their resources is to get them notice both sides at once.)

The Hero Hold Up! (Courtesy of, The Asshole’s Guide to Enlightenment Volume 5)

I think my hero’s are perfect.
I want to be like them.
Since I am not perfect, then I can never be like them.


I meet my hero’s.
I discover they aren’t perfect.
Since they are like me, not perfect, they can’t help me.

Take a few moments and notice this in people today, notice if it shows up in you too. Notice it in the stories they tell you and the stories they tell themselves. Notice it in how they behave as well.

Enjoy the Day!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

The Ex Hostage – Professional Visionary.

I will be live in Clearwater Beach – Tampa Florida, the first week of October 2009. There are 3 days that I am doing private training, only 2 of those days are left. If you want one or both of them for just $500 each, let me know now!


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  1. hereandnow says:

    the article and audio are well worth listing too. thanks for the twitter!


  2. Nick P says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this article and audio. It really clicked with me and I managed to notice a lot of things. Keep it up!


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