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Living at default? What wordpress can teach you about life!

Real quick.

Sometimes the default setting will cost you a lot of money, or it could cost you your life.

On the financial side, Guys, the new wordpress 2.8.4 installation is set to a o a  no-index setting by default.

What that means, if you are a writer and promoter like me, if you DO NOT change the default setting – (go to options – click on privacy) THEN you do not get indexed by the search engines.

In other words, you don’t exist.

Apply this to life.  (This could get really fun!)

In your own life, NOTICE, are you functioning on a “default setting” that prevents you from really enjoying true satisfaction?  Are you being all you can be?

Or are you living out someone else’s mediocre dream, or functioning on their fubar programming?

Only you know.  Only YOU can do something about that, today.

Go for it!

Mr.  Twenty Twenty

How to form a mastermind.

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