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Leading with NLP – The Power of Perspective Shifts by Mr. Twenty Twenty

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“Twenty, I NOW feel completely UNLEASHED!”

Imagine taking  3 normal NLP trainings, and getting nowhere.  That is how HE put it…

One weekend with you Twenty, playing live changed it ALL.  You took the time to help me shift my perspective, discover my true power (and passion), and get laser focused.  Now I am completely UNLEASHED!

Let’s make it real practical, real quick.

In NLP trainers training, you learn how to teach your students to elicit states.  You learn, how to make people feel and experience specific feelings, by mostly asking odd sounding questions, and telling metaphorical stories.  You do this, so they will experience what you want them to experience, and do what you want them to do.  Pure manipulation at it’s best.   It’s not my cup of tea.  Thank God there is a better way.

Want to experience true power, and connection with people?

Immediately STOP trying to ELICIT states in others, because you probably just sound stupid…. And…

Start NOW Generating the states within YOU, that you want to show up in THEM.

Whoever “them” is.  Prospects, clients, women, spouse, family, move the focus from iliciting states in them, by using odd questions, and weird stories…  and move your focus back home, back to you.

This is one of the 7 Master Keys, to Unleashing You, Unleashing who you REALLY ARE.

Think about this, and take a moment to notice…

People who are slaves to NLP, persuasion, and influence focus too much on getting the other person to do something, feel something or take a specific action.

Compare this to…

Me, Mr. Twenty Twenty, and my clients and students.  We train  you to focus, to learn AND to experience the power and enjoyment that shows up IMMEDIATELY when you shift the focus to using NLP to Unleash the real you.

Imagine this, you walk into a meeting, or up to a pretty girl.  If you are UNLEASHED, Alerady feeling “that special state”, and you know what you have to offer is simply the best, THAT FEELING will flow over to them….. And IF you or your product is a good fit, naturally, honestly, THEN the sale comes relatively easy.

Especially if you use Embedded Commands like we shared them HERE.


Can you imagine, being a self contained, self starting, self sufficient, generator of powerful, pleasing and HONEST states? Living your life and your message, so that sales and shifts happened around you, by you INVITING them to shift, instead of “making them”?

Inviting your clients, prospects, and friends to feeling what you are feeling, is so much more powerful and it demonstrates more integrity than any “influence or persuasion expert” could ever hope for.

Because, in reality, think about this, if you MAKE THEM feel or do something that isn’t natural, you are imposing your wil on them… there is a price to pay for that.  Don’t take my word for that, check into your body and feel how that feels!

And if you choose the path of integrity, and UNLEASH the real you….

If by the REAL power and presense of your being, you INVITE THEM to something great you have learned how to experience for yourself, your authentic powerful, peaceful, pleasing and empowering states, you have just given them a tremendous gift.

Your turn, what’s next?  Will you attempt to lead them by the brass ring, like most NLP and Persuasion experts, or will you UNLEASH the power within you?

Make sure you read the Embedded Command article too!  And feel free to print these out and USE THEM wildly.

Stumbles and diggs are greatly appreciated!

Whoo yah!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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