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How to become more natural with NLP

Hey mate,

Have you noticed, that many long term Neurolinguistic Programming guys simply aren’t NATURAL?

They might be “slick”, they might be “smooth”, they might have even improved their lives, and become better humans, but many of them haven’t become more NATURAL.

Ponder that for a minute….

I’ll be back…


Listen. There is a STAGE in most people’s journey with Neuro Linguistic Programming that they can get stuck in, where they read into and micro manage EVERYTHING.

It’s like being “clever” instead of being “intelligent”. It’s UN NATURAL

And since you now are aware of it, what do you do?

Here’s my quick key and story….

I used NLP to model people who are close to nature. Simple people. People who had all the success they need, people who have very little stress and high energy.

I’ve used this Neurolinguistic Programming stuff to model Native American Elders, and business people with a spiritual side who are worth mentoring.

Both of those groups place a tremendous focus on NOTICING MORE and DOING LESS.

So next time, you think about “doing more routines or scripts” or trying to micro manage the next glitch in your programming….

Consider just sitting back, and noticing more.

And join me this September in Scout Camp – The Native Eyes Weekend! Your entire life will be transformed!

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Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS: I placed between 3 and 7 very powerful keys in this article. Find them and write them down. If I just bullet point them, you won’t do them. If you seek them out, you will incorporate them. THAT is a very simple lesson I learned by modeling the elders. Whoo yah!

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