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An unusual way to pick up girls with NLP by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

This one is wild. Because I got this email from a client who used my Special Report – Success Version 20.20 to pick up girls.

Success Version 20.20 was NOT intended for meeting women or picking them up. And I will be blunt, I NEVER THOUGHT it could be used for that.

That report – Success Version 20.20 is 100% based in my modeling the most successful people I know, and have had the privilege to spend quality time with, who are successful in BOTH business and in LIFE.

It is a very Simple and Straightforward report on getting your head out of your arse, and how to succeed immediately. Like I said it was about Success, not Success with women.

But really, I should have thought about this, Success is Success. And the process that makes it happen, is UNIVERSAL – SIMPLE AND STRAIGHTFORWARD.

Like how my friend Diamond Dale made hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year online, by helping his neighbor out WITH A LAWN PROBLEM. It started out with him taking a tiny little crazy action, it turned into quite an income stream. You have to read it to believe it. (Hint: When you read Buz’s endorsement of Success Version 20.20 at the bottom of the page – it’s all about Diamond Dale’s method. Nuff said!)

Like how I took a one hour kung fu class, and in 3 days got on the road to making over $10,000 (and still counting) from it.

Like how, “Marky Mark” used MY STRUCTURE from Success Version 20.20 to chat up (and more) what he calls a few hotties from the college town down the road. He spent thousands on PUA courses, didn’t feel comfortable doing what they taught. Within 45 minutes of reading my Special Report – Success Version 20.20 he was out ETHICALLY and POWERFULLY meeting women.

I never intended it for that, but what the heck, if the shoe fits…

Look, here’s what it comes down to, most people are STILL focused on what doesn’t matter. That’s why most people fail.

On the other hand, if you identify and take action on that JUST ONE THING that ACTUALLY does matter, then you are gonna Rock This Town!

Let’s rock it,

Mr Twenty Twenty

PS: In this article I have dropped 3 very obvious hints that if you take them to heart, and take action on them, you’ll be getting what you want. If you want me to spell it out more, invest $12 bucks in Success Version 20.20. It’s a quick read – just 20 pages – and it just might be what matters most to your success and to you getting results TODAY! Click here to get Success Version 20.20 today!

PPS: If you want to read another related article I wrote today on this – Click Here for Just One Thing!johnmattkim

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